Netflix Is Considering the Option for Offline Streaming

Streaming-giant Netflix does not reject, giving the possibility to download series and movies for later offline-streaming.
Netflix and other similar streaming services has one major weakness: they are addicted to, that you are connected to the Internet before you can stream loose by the company’s wide range of movies and series.
An offline mode, where you can download content in advance, before flight or journey, are therefore coveted. A feature as Amazon Video and YouTube Red both have offered in the past year.
Netflix ceo, Reed Hastings, suggest now to TechInsider that the sought function may be on the way.
“We are open to the possibility […] It is far from any network that delivers the same reliability, and it is therefore a feature as we intend “sounds, from Netflix-Chief.
With the direct competitor, Amazon Video, work offline feature is not without limitations. After an offline movie or series is retrieved is the only available in 48 hours, before the video is deleted from the device.
TechInsider addicts here for patience, for an offline function will require a new round of negotiations with content providers-a process that can drag out before offline-Netflix can become a reality.