New Balance 1260v5 Review

This article shows you the shoes New Balance 1260 running test. You will find our video, datasheet, photos and my comments on this product.
A few months ago, I presented in video this New Balance shoe. It is now time to move on to the development of his test record. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments, I would answer with great pleasure

New Balance 1260: Datasheet

For men:
Foot type: universal/pronator
Use: Competition
Surface: Road/path
Rider weight: total weight
Weight of the shoe: 320 grams
Drop: 8 mm
In women:
Foot type: universal/pronator
Use: Competition
Surface: Road/path
Rider weight: total weight
Weight of the shoe: 275 grams
Drop: 8 mm
4 Running shoes widths are available: B = narrow, D = standard, 2nd = wide, 4th = extra large
The technologies in these 1260 V5’s New Balance running shoes are not lacking: ABZORB (to break the impact of the shock wave peak and her spread horizontally over the entire foot), C-Cap (EVA foam to increase the ability of cushioning, the life and the comfort of the shoes), Medial Post (midsole in double density of C-CAP), N-Durance (rubber part reinforced carbon to avoid premature wear of the outsole), N2 (cushioned) T – Beam (insert to the midfoot to twist while maintaining stability), Fantom Fit (fit), Acteva Lite (material 14% lighter than the Acteva and 24% lighter than the C-Cap).
You will find our video presentation on the site by following this link .
After a brief theoretical, let’s see what she has in the belly.
Test New Balance 1260 running shoes
So I ran a large part of the winter with her shoes New Balance 1260 on the road. The weather has been rather unfavorable: rain and wind were often the part.
Drive, side I did all possible sessions: endurance with also of the exits long 2 hours, threshold, work VMA, etc…

New Balance 1260: the hook

Actually, running mainly on wet road, from the start, I was able to quickly check that the grip on the wet road was good.
The foot does not slip and cornering, he does not answer either.
Small flat: small pebbles tend to settle in the stripes of the cleats.

New Balance 1260: wear

Is also a very good point. I have not seen a premature degradation of spikes or the mesh.
The New Balance 1260 V5 shoe has not moved.

New Balance 1260: speed

Is not its strong point. But it’s also logical, it is primarily a shoe for medium or long distances.
If you’re a fan of VMA sessions, you can very well do it with these shoes New Balance 1260, but still be aware that you will not be able to make full use of your abilities.

New Balance 1260: the dynamism

It may seem paradoxical that I’ll tell you, especially next to the previous point.
But you can revive, accelerate with these running shoes. I find good reaction time for a shoe designed for medium or long distances. Certainly, because the speed on these distances is lower.
You can then hold long this speed without particular difficulty.

New Balance 1260: comfort

It is very good. The shoe is perfect. I remember that you have several toe – box (front foot) width, allowing you to adapt and choose a New Balance 1260 shoe fits your foot.
When the kilometres longer, I took fun out long.
Its mesh and the mesh is breathable.
In addition, the shoe has been designed without seam, which adds to the comfort of this last.

New Balance 1260: long live the long

This is where you get the best. Whether you’re a long output, either an exit at the threshold, the shoe responds well. Comfort remains present throughout your outings. Cushioning doesn’t degrade, at least up to 2 hours of running, I have not pushed it beyond.

New Balance 1260: pronation control

The shoe New Balance W 1260 V5 provides excellent pronation control thanks to the association of TBeam to the midfoot and Medial Post in the midsole.
When fatigue is felt, I could see his action because it “puts” the foot in line and also helps keep a certain fluidity of your stride.

New Balance 1260: for whom?

At the sight of this test, it’s indisputable: long live the middle and long distances! If you like or prefer to run over short distances, like the 10 km for example, I advise you to turn to other models.
Comfort, cushioning, maintenance are its strong points. The half-marathon and marathon will be his 2 distance preferred for this New Balance 1260 running shoe.

New Balance 1260: where?

Its price is 160 euros on average.
3 colors are available: blue, green or orange.
I also saw a yellow and blue model who just came for the spring/summer collection.
For women, we have also several colors: the traditional pink, but also a light gray.