New Edge Displays Xiaomi – And Huawei Smartphone

Samsung and LG have made it before. The Chinese manufacturer Huawei and Xiaomi tinker currently according to rumors of new designs for their upcoming smartphones. Doing this should get a new display design.
China-smartphones are already at home in Europe. For example, a Smartphone manufacturer resident here, at least in his pockets is Hauwei. Other manufacturers, such as for example Xiaomi, are however still relatively unknown to us, but also in the European market are gaining popularity. Two Chinese manufacturers have one together: planning a new design idea, with which they want to win the hearts of customers.

Rumored Xiaomi and Huawei on Smartphones to fiddle about, visually approximating the SamsungGalaxy S6 edge and the edge S7. Already in the autumn edge and the Xiaomi MI appear MI touch edge the Xiaomi. Huawei’s new smartphone should take the name Mate Edge. Both manufacturers want to use displays by Samsung and LG. Xiaomi could set up more with displays from LG on the market with such a device, you know the technique for this already by the LG G Flex. Huawei, however, will focus on the technology of edge Smartphones from Samsung.

Huawei and Xiaomi: High-quality Smartphone with curved displays planned

The facilities of the new China smartphones, to be potent technology. Huaweis Mate Edge has a Kirin 950 processor that is installed in the P9 according to BusinessKorea. The memory should be 4 GB. The price of the Huawei Smartphone will be according to the report when converted to 535 euros – in Germany but something higher is expected. The Xiaomidevice to have installed a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. This is also a 4 GB large memory to the page. The Smartphone of manufacturer will cost equivalent to 400 euro – should be the data.


It is unclear when exactly the new China smartphones in the trade to come. Also uncertain is whether theXiaomi- Huawei- in this country will appear and Smartphones. But is that they – like edge Samsung the Galaxy S7 – definitely would find their buyers. We keep you remain up to date and inform you when there’s something new from the House of Xiaomi or Huawei.