New Flexible Smartphone Can Be Bent Almost 360 Degrees

Now the smart phone that you can bend almost 360 degrees and fold around the wrist, become a reality.
There will be often talked about that in the future will get flexible smartphones, thanks to, among other things, OLED displays, but so far have not demonstrated much else than protyper producers of OLED display panels in a housing in a telephone-like format.
Now is the unknown, Chinese producer, Interim, however, ready with a fully functional Android smartphone that can bend-so bend as in almost 360 degrees.
It is actually not an OLED screen that makes this smartphone opportunities to bend, but rather a 5.2 “display manufactured by the very spectacular transparent material graph consisting of carbon atoms in a lattice structure and which saves on pretty impressive properties.
It has so far been a bit of a puzzle to figure out how such flexible smartphones must be designed in practice, for there is, of course, a multitude of components inside which cannot withstand being bent-first and foremost the battery, but probably also other small parts, which can easily be damaged.
The problem see the Chinese producers appear to have resolved by building up the phone for a lot of small horizontal joints, and it is these that lets the phone bend in almost an entire pie. In the outer part of the bottom and the top of the phone looks out the battery to store it so that it doesn’t get bent.
Although there is still room for improvement in actual ergonomic, it is a big step in the right direction towards getting a completely flexible smartphone, which, for one reason or another, must be able to bend.
Fortunately, the manufacturer also good time to improve your phone, since there still going two years before it comes up for sale. Already at the end of this year, a “great model, however, countries in 6.23 trade-possibly because the instead is equipped with a black and white screen. However, we do not expect that it is to get hold of at these latitudes.
It will be interesting to see if Samsung chooses a similar approach to make its flexible smartphone with the codename Project Valley, which has been rumored for a long time.