New LG Is Joined by Smartwatch

There are full cube on rumor stock market at the moment. Latest news is a smartwatch from LG, which comes along with their new flagship LG G3.
There is laid up for overtime work at media tech departments, in conjunction with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2014. Every day seems to bring rumors from the various mobile manufacturers and new products to be presented at the fair.
Latest high flier is LG’s G3, as through a while have been equipped with both 2 k monitor and octa-core CPU in the media. However, it is not the phone, which this time is in the spotlight, but a smartwatch, which, according to the Korea Herald was supposed to show up at the same time.
The clock, which should get the name G-Arch, get, according to sources close to the LG, joined by a fitness-bracelet, whose working title is G-Health. If the rumor is true, the LG in earnest into smartwatch market, although neither competitors Sony or Samsung, has had much success with their respective products yet.
LG itself is silent about the actual clock, but has, however, confirmed that there is a ‘ portable product ‘ in the pipeline. However, there should be teams in history, so will likely promote Agency strongly LG up to the very fair, to get the necessary attention in connection with the discovery.