New LG-Technology: an Invisible Fingerprint Reader

South Korean LG displays interesting new technology that makes it possible to completely save the fingerprint reader under the display.
The fingerprint reader is a smart and safe way to secure his smartphone, but it fills up often, as it should be placed somewhere on the phone’s limited space.
The issue has LG’s Research Department LG Innotek bent over, and the result can end up giving lighter, smaller and more hardy smartphones in the future.
Unlike today’s solutions is the fingerprint reader filed under phone’s glass surface, a design that will make it simpler to operate your phone and make it easier to make smartphone water and dust proof. The fingerprint reader is just 0.3 mm thick, and will thus fill minimally.
“The new module will allow a drastic reduction in the number of errors, since it eliminates the need for a dedicated button for fingerprint readers” points out, a spokeswoman for LG Innotek to Korea times.

Coming next year

The smart solution is still under development, but LG reports that error readings already now are down to 0.002%.
LG is now in talks to license the technology to several unnamed mobile manufacturers. The invisible fingeraftrykslær is expected to get his commercial debut from next year.