New Producer Shoots with Sharp: Apple Is out of Date

The relatively new manufacturer, LeEco, great hitter in the home country China, langer in the degree out for Apple, which is anachronistic, it sounds.
It was not enough, since the Director, Yueting, Jia for the relatively unknown Chinese smartphone manufacturer, LeEco (formerly Letv), criticized Apple in an interview.
LeEco is in no time become a hot name on the smartphone market in China after the launch of its three top models last year, in which the producer was the first in the world with the reversible USB Type C-port, just as the manufacturer earlier this year published the first smartphone with a Snapdragon 820 processor.
Outside the smartphone market is however not LeEco anyone. Here the company has since 2004 been sitting firmly on the Chinese market for the distribution of movies and tv, where LeEco most of all is China’s answer to Netflix.

However, it is in a somewhat different context, that the criticism of Apple recently dropped. LeEco has launched its own self propelled elsportsvogn, LeSEE, which must take up the fight with Tesla’s Model X. In connection with the announcement told the Director t website CNBC that Apple is “outdated” or “out of date” and that the California-based it giant is losing ground in his home country.
In addition to that, according to the Director, is a very big difference between Apple and LeEco, sounds it also: “One of the main reasons for the lower sales is that Apple’s innovations are starting to be extremely slow. Apple launched the iPhone, for example, VIEW a month ago. Seen from a perspective of one from the inner circles of the industry, it is a product with a very small amount of technology. We believe that they (Apple, ed.) should not have made the “.
If there is some truth, is debatable. However, it is worth noting that Jia Yueting not pale to shoot with sharply after Apple. In the company last year, its entry in the smartphone market, he probably went a tad over the limit when he said and showed with a drawing, that Apple is Hitler, to which it was:
“Under the arrogant regime with dominance from iOS, as developers around the world love, but still hate, we always gently asks: ‘ Is this kind of innovation working? ‘”
It ended, of course, that the Director had to apologize for his opinion, but, coincidentally, was the company’s announcement of its three debutsmartphones right at the same time. There is perhaps some truth that the bad publicity is better than no publicity.