New Year with New Lingerie from Andres Sarda

With the premiere of the year we want to change our wardrobe and all have a fresh air and renewed . Well, why not start with the lingerie? It is a way to feel more feminine and powerful , picking pieces of great lingerie designer Andres Sarda . This designer always surprises with its proposals underwear, and for this winter has many inspirations trend you’ll love.
For this winter Andres Sarda makes us many different proposals. It not stay in business as usual and aims to offer various models that satisfy all tastes. Lace, silk tulle and other materials to display many different pieces that be great. Of course you can not miss the winter shades such as dark green or the check pattern , or classics like beige and black lace.

Each model is designed to highlight the feminine curves, and all have many details that make them even more interesting. If you’ve decided to try the new trends in lingerie , you must not forget to add a body to your shopping list, as the bright pink of Andres Sarda, who never stays in the basic or boring.
On the catwalk this designer shows us a woman determined and strong, who does not hesitate to combine his underwear with the latest fashion trends. Proposals always have a dangerous point and certainly very feminine. Colors like green and pink are mixed and roughly meaning there are others like garnet which remain trend.
The black lingerie will never go out of style , and designers know this well, so always opt for some clothes black lace. Surely you have some in your wardrobe, but you can renew your lingerie with new models, with a bold garter belt or other parts.