Nexus 5 X And 6 P: Camera Can Be Started By Double Rotation

Easy access to the camera on the Google nexus 5 X and nexus 6 p: in India, the two new watches are already available – and users have published first hands on videos. In this way, a special feature of the device was revealed: the opening of the camera app via gesture control.
As in a video published on YouTube to the nexus 6 p to see, shows the corresponding option to the menu of the camera app which enable the users to request or can disable. The feature is described with the words: “open the camera app by twisting your applies twice”, translated as “open the camera app, where you rotate your wrist twice.”
Inspired By Motorola
This is not the only way to get a quick access to the camera app with the nexus 5 X or nexus 6 p: according to 9to5Google you can alternatively twice in quick succession the button power to do so. This feature can switched on or be switched off if required in the setting menu of the app.
Nexus 5 X And 6 P Camera Can Be Started By Double Rotation
As Android pointed out police, this feature is not new: owner of a Motorola Smartphones such as the Moto X (2014) or droid already know this convenient way to open the camera app Turbo – Motorola has a built-in feature for 2014 in its top models. Apparently Google function liked so much, that she is provided 5 X and the nexus 6 p with the nexus.