Nexus 9 Tablet Pre Orders

This morning has spread the news of delays at Amazon UK for shipments of Nexus 9, but as we have already said in its article this is an isolated case, probably due to the depletion of their inventory. The Play Store in Italy still indicate shipments of between 3 and 5 November for the Wi-Fi version (that LTE will come later), and Amazon Italy confirmed that those who had pre-ordered the tablet will receive it on time.

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Presently Amazon. it is no longer indicated an exact shipping date, precisely because the stock has quickly exhausted because of pre-orders. In any case there are no problems of any kind, nor with the tablet itself, nor with Android 5.0 Lollipop; What is more, if there were problems with the latter, it should be locked spread everywhere.
Don’t panic, I mean, at least regarding Nexus 9; the speech is not entirely valid instead withNexus 6, just three days after the opening of pre-orders in the US does not have a full page here on our Play Store, and in his case it is in fact possible that there is some delay, but more about that another time.