Nexus 9 Vendor Partition

Is a novelty that the common user probably will never, but for the Android ecosystem, especially in terms of open-source is very significant: as pointed out by Jean-Baptiste Queru, former head of the AOSP and now Yahoo! engineer, HTC Nexus 9 binaries are present in the partition vendor, it is no longer distributed separately, which would justify the weight of about 800 MB of factory image of this tablet.

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Previously the tracks were in the system and as explained by JBQ, this made sense in terms of software architecture, but in the world of open-source there were disadvantages, caused also by the licenses often very cramped.
In any case it is said that even for Nexus 6 is the same: maybe the new Google tablet represents an exception to the rule, although hopefully not so.
The result now is the ability to deploy Android working version without having to make available separately these binaries. a goal for which JBQ worked before leaving from Google, and now his work has become reality: for more information we leave you with the original post to JBQ.