Nine Essential Heroines of Literature (And at What Time of Your Life Tea Will Come Well to Read Them)

They are with us since you first opened the pages of the book that starred. We have obsessed lover, and, many times, We would have exchanged us with them. But can also be a fantastic example that inspired to solve our problems everyday.

1 Elizabeth Bennet of pride and prejudice (Jane Austen).

Recommended for those occasions where you feel the familiar pressure on your head.

One of the favorite heroines of history of literature. Lizzy Bennet we like because It challenges the conventions of his time, his passion for reading, by her hair loose in the wind, by their mud-stained petticoats and your sense of humor. But especially because is true to itself and although he knows that the fate of his family depends on her to accept the proposal from Mr Collins, it rejects it in one fell swoop. And later, it also has the courage to reject one of the richest men in England, which would be the salvation for all her sisters.

What can we learn from it: Elizabeth Bennett teaches us not to abandon the hope that we can find the partner with which we dream without external pressures.

2. jane Eyre (Charlotte Brontë),

Administer a dose when you feel little.

Orphan, poor, normal, ninguneada (and even abused) by his own family, Jane is abandoned in a sinister boarding school for young ladies from very small. But that dwarfs it not. Upside down: It is determined to fend for itself with their knowledge and determination. Jane is a well of calm, with a great self-control and a landslide sincerity (as when confesses to Mr Rochester that didn’t find it sexy). But really it becomes a true heroine When discovers that her fiance is married and refuses to stay with him as her lover. And no, it is not because import you the social conventions, but because it would not be true to itself.

What can we learn from it: It teaches us that we don’t have to be attractive to assess us and to take hold of our own ideas and faith.

3 Anne of green shingles (Lucy Maud Montgomery).

Take a good dose when you suffer from an excessive imagination.

Be too fanciful is a problem for Anna (she prefers Anne) Shirley. He spends all day daydreaming and that causes more chaos and a mouse dropping in custard. But when you know his sad childhood, you understand why it is so: needed to escape the horror as it was. However, for his sensible adoptive mother, Marilla Cuthbert, what a waste of time soon becomes the great talent of Anne. Because having much imagination is not so bad as it seems, but a way to reach them, cheer them life and better understand their problems. And also the starting point to develop his career as a writer.

What can we learn from it: to channel our fantasies and turn them into something productive.

4. Scarlet O´Hara of what the wind (Margaret Mitchell).

One dose is recommended when you need to overcome a few exceptional circumstances.

When you read what the wind the first impression you have of scarlet O´Hara is that it is a selfish, capricious creature obsessed by the size of your waist, Ashley Wilkes and destroy hearts to her around. But as the story unfolds, and South is immersed in the destruction and famine comes to light the true Scarlet. Which complains because his mother not taught anything useful to survive, which complains about the burden of the mouths that need to be fed, but swears to herself that will never again go hungry, who comes to borrow money from Rhett Butler dressed with curtains and shattered hands so much work. But when the real strength of this heroin comes out it is When he discovers that she is an ACE for business and for numbers, much better than her husband Frank. Trace both getting not only your business but also draw from her beloved Ashley bankruptcy.

What can we learn from it: to not stop fighting, to adapt to every situation to survive as it is and to detect the talent that is there in us, although no one has taught us never.

5.-Hermione Granger Harry Potter (j.k. Rowling) series.

Indicated: when you criticize for being a nerd.

Here’s a heroine that has a desire to learn and improve: It is registration of all subjects, even if you don’t need them because you want to know it all. But it is not the typical there know-it-all who claims to knowledge. In the background is a wonderful friend who helps less committed to studies fellow and a brave woman When must confront the dark forces of evil. Also headed the defense of domestic Elves, It has many social consciousness (something they could share with Emma Watson, the actress who plays her in the film versions)

What can we learn from it: that wanting to know something more always helps us to become better people. It is not a question of pride and arrogance, but of concern.

6 miss Marple (of Agatha Christie).

Suitable when you need to prove that age is not a hindrance to be incredible.

The character of Miss Marple appears for the first time at the Club on Tuesday, the first of a series of stories by Agatha Christie published in magazines and that would later form a book titled the Miss Marple and thirteen problems. It seems incredible that this old woman of fragile and antiquated appearance is that amazing ability to solve crimes and mysteries. It is a great connoisseur of human nature and a great observer, but the most fun is to see it solving cases by establishing parallels with the microcosm in which inhabits, a village of rural England. His intuition, based on his experience, and his intelligence they are the keys to your success.

What can we learn from it: must not be treated with condescension to older people and that his experience and opinions can be much more valuable than we can imagine.

7. Bridget Jones from the diary of Bridget Jones (Helen Fielding).

One dose is recommended when you need to laugh at yourself and your problems.

Maiden, smoker, hopeless, obsessive with the size of their thighs, and master of the “tomorrow – already if that – start”, Bridget Jones we won because she could be any woman. Empathetic with a generation and it made us realize our own obsessions and failure… to laugh at this. It is a heroine to No eyebrow trying to change your life, but do no more than failing, and that reinvents itself every day.

What can we learn from it: to define our goals in life and not relent in trying to be better people. And let us respect by everybody, especially by that so handsome boss but as rogue.

8 Josephine March in little women (L. May Alcott).

Consume in those times that you would not accept the role that you have lived.

Jo March has a problem: his character. It is impetuous, eccentric and totally different to any woman of her time. While his sisters live a simple life and aspire to marry and be happy, she dreams of being a great writer or debut on stage as an actress. For her being female is a drawback and shows it when cutting the hair (symbol of their femininity) to help their parents or when it rejects the proposal of marriage from his best friend because she aspires to do something else in life to marry (OK, and is not in love with Laurie). Without fear of volar, does the luggage and sets sail to New York ready to fight for what she dreams and although many doors close you no eyebrow in his attempt to until it gets to find his own voice.

What can we learn from it: that there is to be one same and your dreams for fear to not fit in our environment or what others say.

9 Pippi Långstrump of Pippi Longstocking (Astrid Lindgren).

When you need to know that anything is possible if you want it to be possible to.

Braids red impossible, freckled face and all over an earthquake, Pippi is a girl who lives alone in her house and does not need one more to be happy. Brave and strong, is gifted with a prodigious. Outside social conventions, It is a free spirit who enjoys life as it comes and always think that everything may end up solving it.

What can we learn from it: Pippi teaches us to be freer and by their status as independent woman became a reference point for feminists.

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