Nine Keys to Not Grow Old by Inside (Although The Years Pass)

We cannot stop the clock, that’s obvious. But what age is an attitude also should be. Recover the energy, enthusiasm and illusion to have twenty years back is question 1) want to do it and 2). adopt a series of great habits (who then won’t let go).

We know that if we want to feel better we care very much for our food, stop smoking and not take much alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fats, etc. Yes, those are the first steps, but there is another set of habits that can also make us feel better… inside and out.

1 the first step? Offer the best version of yourself.

And all we are suggesting that you have to obsess you with all kinds of beauty treatments for looking ten years younger than you are. The key is to love you, pamper you and take care to provide the best version of yourself. Now. Try to prolong the youth of your skin, you worry about your hair or keep in shape your body will help you feel younger and have more confidence in yourself and you will notice the benefits, but also those who surround you. And is scientifically proven: are most attractive when someone says we are it. Simple.

2.-that you do not miss your hours of sleep.

You have your proper ration of sleep daily is the key to feel young in a pas pis. The body only you can recover from every day after a certain number of hours, but that is not only good to feel good physically also mentally. According to a study conducted by the journal Sleep, reduce the night’s rest at a 12% increases the risk of premature death. Scientists at the University of California have also shown that the secret of life long, especially for women, is sleep six and a half hours each night.

3. give him a chance to NAP.

Chronic fatigue sends a message to your body that weakens it and makes it more prone to suffer overweight or get depressed. If you can not afford the luxury of sleep at night, you can always take a small NAP, twenty minutes, to get the quick injection of energy and avoid dark circles. As they showed us researchers in a study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, take a NAP may have benefits for the cardiovascular system. Specifically, this study demonstrated that blood pressure is kept lower if we sleep NAP front not to make it. A fabulous way to reduce high blood pressure problems.

4. be more active: the key.

Exercise is not only essential to maintain weight and for our cardiovascular health, also It is wonderful to feel younger. When our blood rate increases we managed to make irrigation more efficient and it shows throughout the body. Disciplines such as Yoga or Pilates can help you work your flexibility to improve your postural problems. Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky made a study for McMaster using mice with physical properties comparable to the one of a person of middle ages and made that they run 45 minutes three times a week. Your skin improved, his coat grew up and stopped at all is. According to Tarnopolsky “aging is inevitable, but my research shows that exercise keeps people healthy and active and that helps them to live longer.”.

5 you can be even more active… really.

Maybe that staying at home seems the easiest option, but eventually leave, visit an exhibition, go to concerts, sport or simply take a walk are the best options if what you want is to feel younger. It begins to be old when you lose the curiosity and interest in the environment, When you stop learning or you surrender to boredom. According to a study published by experience things new stimulates our brain and helps keep you young. The life is like this: have to say goodbye to our sofa and take to the streets to seek adventures.

6. your arsenal of cosmetics also needs a setting to.

Yes, it’s true: we all have our favorite cosmetics since we were teenagers, but has time to retire them… If you do not want that you retire you. Perhaps the eyeshadow purple you sat of fear when you were going to the disco, but at certain ages, there are products that do not remove years, add them. In addition, today you can find products specifically designed to adapt to mature skin that have dual functionality: take care of you and make you feel better with you same.

7. the friends rejuvenate.

Surround yourself with a good circle of friends is the key to feel younger. Not only because the good company enriches, also It helps you to avoid having high pressure, fight against the loss of memory and reduce the risks both suffer a stroke and suffer the dumbest catarrh. A University of Rochester study comes to the conclusion that “always has been known to be socially connected impact on the psychological health of the people”, but goes further when Charyl Carmichael research director, indicated that “having few social ties is equivalent to the risk of tobacco use, and much higher than a person who drink excessive amounts of alcohol or suffer obesity”.

Julianne Holt-Lunstad, co-author of a research for the journal PLoS Medicine, goes further and says that “the lack of social relations is equivalent to smoking more than 15 cigarettes a day”. His research, based on data from 150 studies on the risk of mortality and social networks, included the monitoring of some 300,000 people for seven years and came to the conclusion that strong interpersonal relations are as important as a healthy life, lose weight, be more active, or quit smoking. And according to the Harvard Medical School, dozens of studies have shown that you people have good relationships with family, friends and community, have fewer health problems and live longer.

8 new friends rejuvenate… more.

Always have another perspective of the world is refreshing. Get together with people other than your age or not wearing a life similar to yours can bring you that emotion that you were at fault. A study of the University of Virginia suggests that We feel more motivated when we find people with which we have things in common over the years, with which we empathize and evolve. And another study done a decade in Australia showed that mature people that will expand its network of friends with over the years have up to 20% less likely to die than people who did not.

9.-more than a kiss.

A study by the University of Vienna discovered that when the lips of two people together the heart rate is doubling, adrenaline is released, induces the production of the good cholesterol and to Exchange millions of bacteria, is reinforcing defenses. But if all of this does not seem enough, another study of the Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada showed that couples who say goodbye to kissing each morning increased its life expectancy of five years, less work are absent and have up to 25% less likely to suffer an accident at work or on the way to work.


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