Nine West Collection Autumn/Winter: Pisa with Force

Stylish, avant-garde, sophisticated and in a multitude of colors the new collection… Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 from Nine West It is simply fabulous. For the lovers of shoes like me, this type of “candy” only produce us envy, since you can get with one or two pairs, but more is excessive. That Yes, I me them would buy all!

Best thing about this company is its wide shoe, that you make each design, not only example of style, but of absolute comfort, despite the heels. Yes, I tell you from my own experience, I have spent a few. And in addition to the last, the Platform is basic to hold.

Ankle boots

Nine West presents a wide variety of models, one for wear during the day, others for special occasions, and this season more than ever committed to the creations of cords to the days of rain and cold.
The spoils are part star. You have more fine and refined, with details of animal print, with some detail to expose or zippers, ideal to wear with jeans, skirt or dress. You get a look that you acapararás all eyes. The grey and green tones are the winners.
For the days of rain and snow don’t waste your style and not renounce to heel if the occasion requires it. Committed to a wider heel, in lace designs. And it is that this season of lace-up boots trend-setting. The soles come with a special material of rubber so you don’t slip. In many shops will see this style in various models: you have them with rubber, thin heel, heel wedge wide… acquired one and looks fashionable. Ideal to wear with denim.
The fundamental fabric is the Suede, that it is true that it is that less endure the adversities of the time and which becomes more dirty, but it is, in my opinion, one of the most elegant. The high boots They also come in this tissue. Ideally this grey model with heels of vertigo and which it can boast style, combining it with some skinny.

To look at night

To wear overnight committed by black, the always elegant classic. Models set for less cold autumn days, in this case you do not take averages, and if you do opt for the transparent, but this kind of creations do not look as they should.
When strong cold Choose thick socks and combine them with peep toes and abstract prints with a touch of color as this beautiful shoe. It is a way to innovate in your style, and also easy to combine, because the pueds mix with all the colors of fashion this season: red, green, mustard, and black.