Nokia Acquires Withings

The “digital health market” is according to many analysts, full of potential. This seems to have recognized even Nokia. The former cell phone manufacturers bought the French provider of Withings, and want to get this again more strongly in the business with consumers.

A few months ago, the future of Nokia seemed unclear. Especially after the sale of the production at Microsoft, a return seemed unlikely. But as it looks now, the Finnish company to develop a plan appears. After we showed the world the iPad-like Tablet called N1, there were already many rumors to a Smartphone (to the post).

Acquisition of Withings

The French company is a specialist for networked wellness products, which is the one or other known certainly by his Smartwatches (more about Smartwatch). In addition to the fitness watches to make even body scales, thermometer, and monitoring solutions (smart home) in the House of Withings. All these products have in common the integration with the Internet. This is a smart tactical move for Nokia, because much potential in digital healthcare. Withings was founded in 2008 and consists of around 200 people, scattered in various locations (France, USA, Hong Kong). The value of the company amounts to EUR 170 million. Nokia and Withings of next products want to develop for the wellness – and health market. The founders of Withings were enthusiastically according to own statements of Nokia’s plans. We are very excited about what is to come in the future. The deal will be finally completed in the third quarter.