Nokia Introduces Brand New Mobile Phones

Nokia 5310 and 5610  both 5310 and the 5610 all functions of a modern MP3 player offer. So a special computer chip to ensure best HiFi quality. Thanks to the built-in 3.5 mm jack you can connect all standard ear – and headphones. Stereo sound is possible via Bluetooth. For both models is the playback of songs in the formats of MP3, AAC, M4a and WMA. You can also download songs directly from the Nokia’s own online record store on the phones. If you like, can display the CD covers of music albums on the screen. Both phones are equipped with a built-in stereo radio with RDS transmitter detection. there are differences in the
transmission standards and the integrated camera. The Nokia 5310 offers a two-megapixel camera and data transmission via GPRS and EGPRS, while the 5610 a 3.2-megapixel camera and optional UMTS has. the 5310 will in the fourth quarter 2007 at a price of EUR 270 in the trade come. still, the price of which is 5610 not known. Nokia N81 waiting for the N81 with up to eight gigabytes of memory. The phone called Nokia multimedia computer offers also many MP3 player capabilities. Without plug in the ear, small built-in speakers to provide music enjoyment. Using a Jack, you can connect standard stereo headphones; It is also possible to music streaming via Bluetooth wireless technology. Peculiarity of the N81 is the ability to be able to play computer games big screen over the 320 x 240 pixels. This prepared games offered are specifically   the communication part of the N81 is waiting with full Internet integration. So, browsing the World Wide Web and E-Mail reception thanks to Wi-Fi poses no problem. Images can be with the built-in two-megapixel camera shoot. the N81 comes in two variants on the market. With eight gigabytes of memory, it costs 510 euro; a slimmed-down version (where the store subsequently upgrade allows) will cost 430 euros.
Nokia N95 8 GB also the N95 8 GB now waits with eight gigabytes of memory. The integrated MP3 player plays songs in the formats of MP3, AAC, M4a and WMA. The radio reception is also possible. Sound output either via earphones or the integrated mini speakers. With on Board of the N95 is also a navigation system. The German-speaking area is already installed; additional maps stands for more than 150 different countries to get ready. the N95 provides also wireless Internet connection via Wi-Fi. Emails can be so easily send and received. It is also possible to open email attachments (as Office documents) and read. On board an appointment management, a calendar, as well as the possibility of speech recording are still. Another special feature is the built-in digital camera. Provides a resolution of 5 megapixels and captures video in the current format H. 264 on. Including HSDPA and integrated USB port ensures fast data transmission. the Nokia N95 with 8 GB will come for 670 euros in trade. (rs)