Nokia N1 Launch in Europe

During an interview with GigaOM, a spokesman for Nokia has officially confirmed that the first tablet Lollipop of the Finnish company, Nokia N1, it will have the Google App when it arrives in Europe. The exclusion of Google services will be limited to China.

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Thankfully Nokia seems to know you have chosen the path of “wisdom”, without the need for third party store and without creating one right, as made by Amazon. The premise for thisNokia N1 are so very good, but since there are still 3 months or so at its launch in China and even more so on arrival in Europe, we will wait for the right moment before passing judgment that now would be extremely quick. What is certain is that the hype generated by the brand Nokia is still very high, which makes the fate of the company even more a regret of what could be. To follow a couple of tablet hands-on videos, followed by some live photos.