Nokia N73

At first glance falls on the large display. It allows not only comfortable surfing the Internet. Also as a great photo viewfinder is fine, and the operating menu is so clearly displayed. Nokia bought the keyboard only little space. Also a quick menu button for four functions (right next to the buttons 3 and 6) is one of the close button.
Internet and Office in your Pocket

the N73 as engine news showed much talent. Because not only the store for dates, phone numbers and addresses is large. SMS can be managed and saved en masse. Who wants to send better photos, videos, business cards or appointments that is no problem for the N73. Emails from mailboxes with AOL, or Yahoo can automatically at timed intervals and picked up and displayed, including all common attachments (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents) are.
Also trips on the Internet are better possible than with all other phones. Ensures not only the high UMTS speed: the browser provides conventional, prepared specifically for mobile Web pages perfectly dar.
sending and receiving E-mail, and browsing on the Internet shall be borne by the battery life. And since the N73 can harvest anyway no laurels. For maximum 139 hours readiness are clearly too little. Stingy: The built-in memory is 40 megabytes small. That is too little for a camera phone with a quite usable music player. Since only the purchase of a memory card (mini SD) helps.

Test conclusion: what you should know

The N73 excels in its ease of use. Nokia bought the keyboard only little space. This includes also a quick menu button for four functions. Send photos, videos, business cards or appointments work easily. The large display enables comfortable browsing the Internet with UMTS speed. The camera phone has a very usable music player. Fine: Very low-radiation. ««Best price on the Internet: 99,90 euro * this product at Amazon Pro good news and Internet functions order large display of extensive address memory counter low stamina satisfying little disk space mark of editorial 2.54 (out of 1 reviews) user rating» so tests COMPUTER screen phones