Nokia Sits Heavy with Cheap Mobiles

New figures show that Nokia now has even bigger share of Windows Phone universe, but also that it is due to the “low-end” smartphones.
Too good a month or so ago Nokia was sitting on 90% of the phones that were sold with Windows Phone-system installed. The figure has now risen to 92%. It writes the TechCrunch via AdDuplex.
It is also the price have taken over from the Finnish mobile giant, which takes the largest share of loaded. Nokia Lumia 520 dominates the market with a share of the whole 39.3%.
Adoption of Windows Phone 8 apparently also goes as it should, for here the figure is risen to 78% and therefore equal to iOS device adoption for iOS 7, which is often regarded as the “yardstick”.
It will be interesting to follow the development of Windows Phone in the coming year, and see if Nokia’s dominance on the platform.