Nokia's Icy Winter: 201 Million Loss at the End of

It is an end in horror: the years world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia burned 780 million euro last year – EUR 201 million in the previous quarter to leave alone. While the Finnish tradition group, which is newly on after the sale of the mobile business as network equipment manufacturers, his biggest burden is going on, the question remains: is Microsoft’s Bill as a holistic Smartphone provider?
Soon it became clear that missed the jump. Nokia showed off – and never again.
Three years the memo is old, that will forever stick to the hapless Nokia boss Stephen Elop: Elop Nokia compared to a “burning oil platform”, when he took over the former industry leader in early 2011 as CEO – the only thing to help, whether the “jump into the cold water”.
Relatively quickly realized that this jump was next to it. Nokia showed off – and actually never back up. The industry leader missed cracking the megatrend of smartphones: the Finnish tradition group a response remained guilty for years on iPhone and Android devices, and when she came in the form of the brightly colored Lumias, the witty buying public was moved on long ago.
Nokia Settles Only One-Tenth of Samsung
8.2 million Lumias were between early October and end of December over the counters. Although at least twice as many sold units as the deposed more faltering rival BlackBerry, in the last quarter with a sales drop of 56 percent literally imploded are, but the distance compared to market leader Apple and Samsung is now light years from Earth.
Branchexperten count on 55 million iPhones sold, when Apple Announces next Monday after close of trading its balance sheet for the Christmas quarter expired, while the South Korean rival with nearly 82 million smartphones sold set new standards. In other words, Nokia sold one-tenth of Samsung just.
Lumia Sales Fall against Previous Quarter
Worryingly for the nearly 150-year-old Finnish tradition group: while increased Lumia sales compared to the previous quarter, eased however compared with the September quarter, 8.8 million models were discontinued in which, even. A turnaround looks different.
Remains the question of whether the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone Division for Microsoft pays off. For $7.2 billion, the Redmond software giant had taken over its Finnish partner who joined in 2011 with Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows phone, in September of last year. The ambitions of third most valuable after Apple and Google technology group in the world, to establish itself as a third force in the mobile universe in addition to iOS and Android have get a new damper.