NOOSA Amsterdam: Custom Leather Accessories With Style

The bracelets brand NOOSA Amsterdam can be seen for some time on the wrists of several stylistically confident fashionistas.
The trendy leather pieces with decorative snaps steadily gaining popularity and seem slow but to advance to real classics.
The secret of their continued success? Quite simply, the stylish arm jewelry can be called withchunks customization. In this way, you can create personal favorite pieces and reassemble again as needed.
Learn now, everything about the popular it-pieces and discovered interesting facts about the brand behind the trendy must-haves!

NOOSA: Nature-Friendly And Fair Produced

The name NOOSA you sounds familiar? This may well be because the founder of the brand were inspired by the same name in Australia.
The popular coastal town is mainly known for its adjacent national park, which is valued for its unique beautiful scenery and diverse flora and fauna. No wonder, then, that the products of NOOSA Amsterdam are produced naturally friendly.
The snaps of jewelery are produced in Nepal, Peru and Bali crafted. Great importance is placed on fair working conditions. In addition, the products are made ​​exclusively from natural materials such as stone, wood or shells.
The popular chunks are also allergy-friendly because it is dispensed with in the production of nickel. The leather is naturally tanned with vegetable additives.In this process, inter alia, takes the extract of the South American Quebracho wood use.
The popular NOOSA range includes today beside the iconic bracelets also a number of other products, such as belts , scarves and bags. Of course, the basic principle remains at every It-Piece same: search product, choose the appropriate chunks and ready is the new favorite wholesale jewelry!
My tip: Notice when buying always that the leather can stretch to 1-3 cm.
In the video at the end of this article you learn more about the production of NOOSA chunks.

NOOSA: Fancy Chunks For Individual Lieblingsstücke

The so-called chunks form the backbone of colorful NOOSA universe. Here each of the small pieces of jewelry is a different story and embodies a different culture and Message.
The “third eye” is an important symbol of oriental heritage and is placed there usually between the eyebrows.
This ancient symbol represents wisdom and intuition and to protect its wearer from evil spirits beyond.
The name of this elaborately decorated chunks means “star”.
The distinctive pattern found in the Arab world use and can be seen in magnificent palaces there often. It symbolizes harmony and unity.
My personal favorite: The design of this eye-catching piece of jewelry is inspired by the Peruvian Moche culture.
This sparkling piece symbolizes the strength of the individual and the pursuit of social status.

NOOSA: Proper care of the cult accessories

The iconic jewels are of high quality produced in order to best protect them from external influences. You should be careful not to let the snaps come into contact with water or dirt anyway. If this should happen, then dried and purified the buttons carefully.
Also, the leather should not come into direct contact with water if possible. also avoids strong sunlight and heat, so that the sensitive material remains as long as possible smooth. In this way, you have many years to come to your own personal favorites!
A little tip: The sweet must-haves are not only great as imaginative gifts. Since the designs of the individual chunks are characterized by different countries and cultures, you can also use all the memory of the visited destinations little luck. So are your jewels to creative souvenirs!