Not A Good Idea: Use Sony Xperia Z2 with Sunglasses

Summer and the Sony Xperia Z2 – quite fits Xperia blog that probably not together, reported. The new flagship of the Japanese can be used in landscape mode, apparently with a patch, Polarized Sunglasses. Because then there’s to see how a video proves only one thing: blackness.
Polarized sunglasses are widespread in the summer: as conventional protection glasses have a special film that acts as a filter and blocks vertically incoming light waves Anders – preventing reflections. Many Smartphones cope with such filters, but not the Sony Xperia Z2. In a YouTube video is to see that the Smartphone landscape mode – so in the landscape – not with these sunglasses can be consider.
Known Issue with the Sony Xperia Z2: Overheating
But that is not the only blunder was probably overlooked in the development of the Sony Xperia Z2. The films of 4K-Videos, the Smartphone will very quickly, very hot, so the already turns off after a few minutes. This is stupid especially in the summer. First of all, the problem in Singapore had become known, but also in Germany, owners of smartphones have apparently with the overheating to fight. In the Amazon reviews about the user D. writes Gaus man as a comment that he at least can make ten minutes long 4K-Aufnahmen, when he first puts the Smartphone in the fridge – which is of course an extreme example. However, the reports that the average stops after four to eight minutes are piling up.
Despite these minor issues: Overall the Sony Xperia Z2 in the test really liked us, in comparison to its predecessor, the Japanese made some meaningful changes. The Smartphone is thus part of the Oberliga and can compete with the Samsung Galaxy S5, the HTC one M8 and the iPhone 5 s.