Novel Visual Katawa Shoujo Receives a Port for Android

The game is going to talk then largely requires a little of his history is discussed to understand it. It all started when in a Japanese theming a cartoonist published a series of artistic concepts to make a game of appointments including girls with different disabilities.
Years later a 4chan user decided to publish it on the page so everyone saw it, but something curious happened: users joined to make it reality and in a totally altruistic way. The result after several years of work is Katawa Shoujo a free game for Windows, Mac and linux, and did not stay in this thing.
Some users have decided to take the game to Android handsets, allowing that it can be played from the own phones and tablets. The application is still under development, which are missing some additional issues, such as the videos created by filipino artist Mike Inel. The download is completely free, although there is no release date for Google Play.
The game puts us in the situation of Hisao, a young man who suffers a heart attack, after which realize you a chronic disease that could end her life at any time. Is why they moved him to a boarding school for people with various health problems, and in the school year, we will have to fall in love with one of the five available girls.
The girls are a deaf-mute, a blind girl, another with half burnt body and trauma, an artist without arms and a sportswoman with orthopedic leg. This game has been recognized by users as a sexy and simple, interesting game for newcomers to the world of graphic novels.