Now You Can Browse on Your Apple TV

Exciting app for iOS devices can now bring the full browser experience to the living room altar via Apple TV.
Apple introduced us Airplay technology with iOS 4.2, which was publicly available for 3 years ago. A year or so after you could duplicate your iOS device screen to living room altar via their Apple TV box.
Video mirroring is a nice feature, if you have come across something on a website that you just want to show off to family and friends. But since the screen is duplicated, and therefore does not fit in the tv format, there will also be black bars to fill the missing content.
In addition, you will still be able to follow along on your iOS device, and thus also be forced to look at it, to navigate on the site. The fact is that Apple does not, in this sense, has brought the browser experience up on living room altar yet.
AirWeb is best bet
However, there is help to download from “AirWeb” app from the App Store, which cost 7 kr and is iOS-Universal (tailored for both iPhone & iPad)
Setup is extremely easy, and guides you quickly through the introductory exercises on Apple TV, which gives the app functionality. Then turn on video mirroring to in the “control center” from your iOS device, and so can enjoy in full format.
The cool thing is that the app does not duplicate your content, but instead make your iOS device into a large mouse, so you can control the browser experience with multitouch. Little as we already know from Apple’s own Remote app.
At the bottom of the left corner there is a (?) -signs, which shows you the available moves. Here, I must say that if you are well versed in the Apple universe, so you will feel perfectly at home with the operation of the AirWeb.
However, you should be aware that Youtube content is not played before that you press on the icon in the upper right corner, which indicates the screen change. In addition, the “pinch-to-zoom” not be entirely smooth as you are used to, but it works.
The app supports iPad Mini, iPad 2 and later, the Air iPad, iPhone 4S and later, 5th-generation iPod touch.Your Apple TV should also be of 2. or 3. generation.
AirWeb is on Christmas sales to 7 DKK in the App Store, and as mentioned iOS-Universal.