Now You Can Soon Write SMS with Appliances from LG

The forthcoming CES exhibition offers communicating appliances from LG company talking together via messenger app.
We have previously referred to intelligent electronics on our site, and in this context seen on LG’s smart vacuum cleaner with built-in camera and app functionality.
Now LG has in a press release stated that the upcoming series of white goods from giant, will have a built-in “HomeChat” function that allows the user to communicate via Line-the app that is already used by 310 million people. It writes our site.
Your personal assistant
LG tells you, for example, will be able to send the message “I’m going on vacation” for your electronic equipment, after which the electronics reconcile consumption pattern. This means URf.eks. to the refrigerator turns over at a power-saving feature, and the floor can be vacuumed until you come back.
The company has even integrated NFC in their upcoming line-up that can save you unnecessary technician visits, since the diagnosis of the equipment in part can be done via the cell phone. The above is just a selection to the features of upcoming products from giant offers. Are you particularly interested in seeing what LG has on the program in 2014, so you can read more in the press release here.