NVIDIA Shield 2 Be Leaks: Tegra K1 and 4GB of RAM Arranged to Make The Cut

NVIDIA was completely serious when he talked about a more powerful than the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360 K1 Tegra. Stuff the graphic power of these consoles is difficult – although to please play already age-, it is not more help in a couple of sides.
And is that NVIDIA Shield 2, He has been featured by Antutu throwing your specifications, establishing a couple of good points: will have 4 GB of RAM, and will remain below a few 1080 p not much more would that overload the machine.
Well maintained with a unusual resolution of 1440 x 810 pixels, increasing the final number of points 25% compared to the last version, but about keeping a 45% less compared to a bet in Full HD.
What doesn’t fit is an internal memory that stays on the 16 GB, which are perhaps testing in an internal version. It is difficult to think of games for Android that will take advantage of such a quantity of memory, although Nvidia usually bet on exclusive titles (although on smartphones, this is a bad news) that may help to turn the tide.
It seems that the version of Android that will arrive on Board will be the last Android 4.4.2 (KitKat), and that the Tegra K1 which will come to give life to the machine will be quad-core version (that was a priori the least advanced of the two) 2.5 GHz maximum frequency. This may mean that the Nvidia Shield points to arrive as soon as possible, while the current to receive discounts and improvements.