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It is Christmas but soon (only 40 days left!) and sheego I was invited by (quasi preparation technical), to style a Christmas look. I got so turned on its head the online shop and found quickly – however, I wanted to put together a classic black, red or Golden Christmas outfit, but signed up for dark berry, or purple decided. Although there is no typical Christmas color, it can be incredibly noble styling themselves and as you can see, yes also a properly festive look was born.
Top of course perfectly suits for the occasion and the peep-toes in the lighter “Berry” are again a very special eye-catcher. The heels I got you already with a non-festive outfit → shown and can only reiterate that they are as comfortable – and even if they are in color are almost completely sold out, there were for example pumps (closed front) in color. But the whole color palette takes her → here and there should be what be for everyone!
While the shoes are slightly larger (prefer a number less than order!), the beautiful dress falls (the’s in black available for those who want to stay in the classic colours then would rather) size just out.
I have a stomach of course and there’s a tight dress bold – but why should I refrain? Beautiful curves (which I like to show you!) makes the cut and I am also a shape dress underneath to keep also in the form of the silhouette (you can see the belly button hint of only on the photos).
Issued dresses that are among my favorites, but unfortunately they are found rarely in the plus size stores – most of the time there are only close or just dresses. Includes also that actually not so beautiful down goes together, it all just falls down (and that makes then thick, because it has no form!) and therefore I’ve stuck it first for the photos – I will let still sew to it.

Of course, there is a special hairstyle as a special look at also finally:I would Yes preferably permanently wear curls, however this is only for photos. Whether curling iron, hot rollers or ghd – after a very short time the curls are hanging out again – my fine hair has simply not coming (and I’ve used this time really very much hair spray!). Nevertheless, I am quite happy that I wear my favorite hairstyle for the photos and hope you enjoy my little curly mane as well! Finally, this is a rare sight, who wants to be (unfortunately!)!

By the way – with the Sheego Xmas style I am not alone, also look at → Katha, → Cécile and → Jenny by!

Christmas is coming and sheego invited me to style a Christmas outfit. I found my outfit very quickly – and it’s not a typical outfit in black, red or gold. I chose a dark berry dress with eye-catching peep-toes in a lighter berry shade. It isn’t a classic Christmas color but still very festive, and I love this style!
Of course there has to be a special hairstyle for this special look: I love curls and I wish I could wear them longer than only for photos – unfortunately, my hair is way too fine to hold them, no matter how much hair spray I use, the curls drop out so fast.Anyways, I’m happy I could take these pictures with my favorite hairdo and I hope you like my curly head as much as I do! After all, this is a rare sight that deserves to be appreciated!

By the way:my blogger colleagues → Katha , → Cécile and → Jenny are presenting their sheego Xmas Styles today, too!

I have somewhat brighter held, but for my makeup to this outfit neat glitter.One of my favourite eyeshadow is the Giorgio Armani eyes to kill intense in “#28 – red Board”, which can be both easy and really strong (then best moist) to apply. I’ve opted for an in-between and dry, but neatly stacked him, applied. This is a beautiful, sparkly finish though, is but not too much and leaves the room to a bright lipstick. For the lip color I’ve mixed two colors to get a Berry tone for my “50 shades of Berry” look.

My makeup is a bit lighter but very glittery. The eyes to kill intense eyeshadow in “#28 – red Board” by Giorgio Armani is one of my favorites and can be applied lightly (dry) or with a heavily glittering and opaque finish (wet). Here I used it dry but applied several layers for a sparkling finish that’s not too much and leaves a margin for a bright lipstick. I mixed two colors to get another berry tone for my “50 shades of Berry” look.

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September 1, 2017

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