Oxford Shoes Review

The return of the male style
What previously was considered an almost exclusive style for men, is now a trends stronger in terms of footwear for women is concerned. It’s the Oxford Shoes: male style, with laces, sometimes with a characteristic style embroidered heart on the tip. This type of footwear is raging around the world, not matter what season it is.

Oxford Shoes Review
It is, once again, a style that remained in effect at the end of the Decade of the 1980s and beginning of the nineties, and that is again has leaned to the fashion world since last year.
Different than the fashion of twenty years ago, now it is not necessary to bring a male outfit to be able to use and combine these shoes. Oxford style looks good with drainpipe trousers, and even pants barely wide in the hip and more adjusted to the ankle. The finest Oxford shoes (sold on http://www.hoticle.com/cat/plus-size-boots/) can be used with dresses or shorts. For the summer, and for a more romantic style, you can used them with medium short frilly.
For a bolder style, it is permissible to wear these shoes with socks to the waist, thick and colors.
Very few trends can be shared at the same time in one hemisphere as in the other. In the case of male style shoes there are no barriers, and only with some small changes, become a global fashion. How to use Oxford shoes in opposite seasons?

Masculine style for summer
We cannot deny that the summer is something more entertaining and joyful than winter, especially in terms of colors and trends for clothes and accessories. These characteristics are reflected in fashion footwear for this season’s heat. Again among us, again the male style in all its glory.
Various styles of male shoes take the leading role both in the streets and on the catwalks around the world.
The predominant colors for the summer in this type of shoes are a combination of pastel shades as the old, grey, light blue and yellow pink soft. Some bolder brands play stronger as the red colors, and even tones metal. The classic white, black, beige and Brown – alone or combined together – remain in force.
Shoes high heel, from the classic thin heels, until the modern version of the Mary Jane, thick-heeled, also come in style Oxford. In terms of colors, this type of more high-heeled shoes is often found with a combination of classic, such as white, black, red or brown colors. For the night, the designs include textures in patent leather or metallic tones.
Another option are the comfy flat shoes, but Cordless – also known as ballerinas – used-toed Oxford or square style.
Whatever the model, regardless of the temperature outside, masculine style shoes have taken the 2012 for agooddir.
Masculine style for winter
The cold already runs the extension of South America and open shoes give way to sheltered and more protected. The high boots, as every year, continue to be fashionable, but are the short boots and shoes with laces that take the front of the trend for the winter in the South. For this type of footwear, the Oxford style is also used.
Boots, boots, high-heeled shoes, flat shoes, most of them come with toe detail. The classic borcegos return with seams and male dropouts in the Oxford style, adapted to the sensitivity of the female foot, while maintaining unchanged the greatness of the design that made them famous. Small dimples that make up beautiful patterns adorn the tops of these shoes that can be found in several models. High heels or platforms, shoes, shoes, and flat boots, follow the original style of the Oxford in terms of colors: white, black, beige and Brown. Some brands have opted for colors and materials much more fun and flashy like leather in shades of silver and copper.