5 Makeup Tips for Eyes

1 – Makeup for eyes: shadow smoky graphite with black
2 – Makeup for eyes with red lipstick
3 – Makeup for eyes: 3D makeup for eyes
4 – makeup for eyes with two shadows
5 – Makeup for kitten eye eyes

Makeup for eyes is one of the most important points of the make up. Eyes set face enough. If you have large eyes, small or just want to gain the attention of his friends in a conversation, it is in the eyes that should work. After creating a visual to your liking, the rest will seem only accessory. You do not know how to do? We have some tips on how to use the makeup case to gain a more beautiful look below.

1 – BLACK Makeup for eyes: Smoky Shadow Graphite with Black 
This dual color is considered the most basic of basic in makeup for the night. Usually do better on fair skin, but black can use if the proposal is to highlight the lips. The trick is to first apply an eyeliner on the top and bottom in fine and specific traits.

Eyelid, apply a bit of silver shadow on the next part of the nose. Then apply black shadow from the middle to the end and will have a dramatic look. Using a brush for makeup fine bristles, visual blur to become lighter and less concentrated. pigment type of shadows are great for this style.

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May 22, 2016

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How to Make Black Eye Makeup Look Good

Black and well marked eyes make any more glamorous, sophisticated, woman sexy. Maybe that’s why this look is a feminine passion and there is a multitude of production with black eyes. The most interesting is that these productions are very varied, some for days, others for the night, some more sober, other more festive and cheerful, everything depends on how you match this look.

For the evening a look that is beautiful are the smoky eyes with black shadow and opaque violet, forming a crystal degrade and brightness in the center of the eyelid. It is very easy to do, first you circumvents the eyes with black pencil and a beveled brush you pass spreads in the mobile eyelid and vanishes. Then you pass the opaque violet shadow on top of the eyes and above the moving eyelid and outer corner of the eye and of the smoky purple and black pass light pencil with a brush a little black shadow to remove the marking. Below the lashes with beveled brush, right near the black pencil apply the opaque purple shadow tools. Finally, in the center of the eyelid, with the same finger, apply a crystal shine to finish off the look and make the eyes more bright. Spend extra masks stretcher lashes in black or place beautiful eyelashes. In the mouth lipstick or opaque lipstick pink nude.

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May 21, 2016

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How to Use Makeup with Eyeglasses

I wear glasses two years ago, but rather used only to read, so just in front of the computer to work. There not much care to makeup sometimes failed to use because the disguised lens. However, in recent months I was feeling difficulty seeing at a distance even when he was not on the computer. The head was already giving indications that I would need to use direct glasses, and my old frame model was pretty ugly ahahahha know. I went to the ophthalmologist and really did not escape having to use all the time, so I jumped and bought a cute frame and that left me comfortable to use direct. In addition, a féxion frame so I can combine the look does migas.

Poréééémmmmmm there came the question: and mores makeup? How will I use direct, I have to adapt and use something that values four eyes here. Thinking about it, I saw that has many girls who have the same question that I then did a basic guide of the three most common types of eyes and how to use makeup to their advantage in glasses!

To animate you, phyna who wears glasses, I say that it is indeed possible to wear glasses and makeup at the same time. The basic tip is: to draw attention to another point of the face, for example, the mouth. However, be careful not to choose a strong lipstick, to create a set “non-matching” in the rest of the makeup. It is important to strike a balance so that an item does not overlap the other. But there are also some really cool tips for you to learn to value your look, and even glasses, everyone will notice that you are makeup.

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May 20, 2016

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5 Makeup Basics for Everyday


Learn how to make five makeup to use in their daily lives

With so many skin products for sale, the makeup entered once in the female universe gaining ground not only in the evening events, but necessary day to day. Besides giving a color more to the eyes or mouth, makeup can hide certain flaws and specks, leaving her perfect skin and causing you to be unconcerned about that pimple that decided that appear or scout a sleepless night.

We also recommend other beauty tips:

  • Make MAC
  • Import Makeup
  • Revlon Makeup
  • Jasmine Makeup
  • Make the Fenzza
  • Natura Products

The makeup for the day to day, unlike geared for parties and events, it should be as natural as possible and very light. In addition, makeups to work should be more sober while makeups for a ride can be more colorful.

Preparing the Skin

Start preparing your skin by choosing products that do not have a heavy appearance. If you go to use concealer, foundation and powder, give preference to the famous 2 in 1 or 3 in 1, which guarantee a very natural and light result.

In the case of product 2 in 1, apply a concealer using your fingers in little spots and dark circles in a shade lighter than your skin not to miss. Then, with a particular brush, apply more powder base tone of your skin around the face. In products 3 in 1, just apply the concealer most compact foundation all over the face with a particular brush. In this case, choose a product of the exact shade of your skin.

That done, you will be ready to do your makeup. Check out five step by step makeup for day to day.

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May 19, 2016

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Hit the Lipstick!

Hello girls, how are you?

You know those times that we buy wonderful lipstick and time passes it is the disappointment that was not good ?!

Often we fail to deceive us by lipsticks hits of the moment, but we forget that not everything decorates with our skin tone and especially with our style! So I decided to make a very interesting post on tips the ideal lipstick for you … so easy! Come on?

Black Skin

For black closed colors are always wild card!
dark red, brown, wine, grape …
For day to day shades bronze and pink brown fall very well. That gloss loved every day in the nude and gold tones are always a good choice.
What not matching: very clear lipsticks as lilac and pink. OK?

Brown Skin

Following almost the same trend black skin, with the difference that you can use the same colors more open tones.
red tomato and coral lipstick are always welcome!
burned pink is all good … you play!

What not matching: lipstick nude

Yellow Skin (Eastern)

This skin tone allows abuse colors. Pink fits perfectly * LOVE *, so choose the most burnt, aged and even pink.
If you prefer shades of red choose the more open tone, such as tomatoes.

What not matching: peach lipstick.

White Skin

Who has white skin should be careful not to overload the look, so you should give preference to the soft pinks, or cherry. Orange lipstick? On coral!
Pink gum is a lipstick that falls very well for the lighter … It’s sensational!
For the more traditional, a good gloss pearl goes well.

What not matching: lipsticks more closed as eggplant and wine.

So, did you like the tips? Now buy a lipstick was a lot easy?!
Join the tips with your style … Personal satisfaction guaranteed.

May 18, 2016

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Learn 10 Facts about Dogs

Man’s best friend is considered by many the dog when a dog develops much affection for his own, he can’t stay too long away from them.

There have been cases that the dog came to be sick, when separated from the humans who created it. And if for some reason it goes to another family, can not bear to be away from the old owners and ends up dying of longing. To get a sense of companionship that animal so sweet.

The main relationship can be seen between the man and the dog is friendship, and it is already very old. It is believed that there are about 4,001,000 years, the ancestor of humans, called Homo erectus, hunted pups and female Wolf. However, because not all animals were eaten, those who survived were created by hominid. Thus, the two started living together.

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May 17, 2016

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Kiss Call Me! The Right Lipstick for Your Style!

Lipsticks are a personality milestone in the life of the woman. There are bold who love a classic red lipstick, romantic who prefer a pink, discrete who opt for nude shades and women attitude that play in lipstick wine!

Lipstick is more than one item of makeup, is a stylish accessory!

What is your style, what is your favorite lipstick?

  • Red Lipstick: classics are classics. Favorite diva Marilyn Monroe, is the style that never dies, but it is always reinvented. It’s great to raise any production, whether or gala day to day. It can be used by all women, as it has many shades. Choose the one that has more to do with you and play! To create a vintage look, combine with an outlined kitten and false eyelashes.
  • Wine Lipstick: perfect for modern women with attitude. It is the favorite of artists as Lord and Rihanna, and shows that it is great for any skin tone. To be marked, it must be combined with a simple outlined accompanied by mascara, blush and pale.
  • Pink Lipstick: another classic, perfect for women who prefer a more romantic style. Depending on the shade, it can be discreet, have a retro air or be very jovial! As the red, you have several tones, and can be used by all women who do not open lipstick hand, but wanting something more simple for your routine. It can be combined with shades of brown, and smoky outlined. Be careful when choosing the blush to the colors do not conflict.
  • Nude Lipstick: it is becoming more popular in recent times, and has been symbol of elegance when properly used. It is the favorite of celebrities on red carpets when the eyes are the center of production, with dark shadows and well marked traits. It is the ideal choice if you want a very powerful eye makeup. Caution only with the chosen shade, not to “erase” the mouth and not give the impression that the lips are only based and more.

May 17, 2016

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The Most Famous Designer Handbags

Designer handbags are part of the wish list of women all over the world. Some people do not have pity to spend R $ 7,200 in Prada bag model (the new basic line) and who dream of spending $ 3000 on a limited model line. The brands know this, and increasingly invest in the minds of women.


But what the designer handbags have special? Much of desire fueled by women is the name. Using a famous brand and taken for luxury of the closet is what makes a particular designer handbag.But not only that. The brands invest in powerful names to create their models, investigate concepts used and new every collection, filling their pampering hand with noble metals, different designs and even launching a limited thembaprograms to make women crazy.

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May 16, 2016

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Closet Organization Tips and Ideas

The online shop has everything for you to organize your closet and leave it to your face. Check and have a good shopping.

Organize clothes, accessories and shoes are much simpler if you rely on an exclusive space for them, such as closets. These locations can be assembled in large rooms or compact and are composed of different modules and accessories that give an extra touch to the organization – such as hangers, racks of clothes and young men. Check the products offered by online shops and take them to the house with unmissable prices.

Closet composable

The line composable closet has individual parts such as shoe racks and drawers, and kits composed of racks, cabinets and shelves. Made of MDP (Medium Density Particleboard), the products have different sizes for you to mount the closet just right for your space.

closet airy

With pieces of wood or metal, airy closet is ideal for those who want to build a small space, since there is a wide range of compact products. This closet has options with chrome pin, as well as versions of glass drawers, which help you find your items more easily.

Closet basic

You want to build a basic space without many modular parts? Then get the closet basic, besides being the cheapest, it consists of kits accompanied by rack, module and bookcase with shelves. This is a perfect option for those with a compact space to set up your closet.

Closet Wire

Who lives rental or wants a closet for easy assembly should opt for the wired closet, whose line is easily assembled and disassembled. By owning structure formed by rails, you can adjust the height of the fittings and change them when deemed necessary, since the tracks have different levels of fit. Continue reading Closet Organization Tips and Ideas

May 15, 2016

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How to Wear a Women’s Sweater

The sweater is a basic that should never miss in a feminine wardrobe. It is a garment that can mostly use it in the winter season and also the days that cold.

Mostly women choosing basic and classic sweaters, but the truth is that with these items we are trendy, which is renewed each time. If you want to see modern and attractive, I recommend that you read this post and see the different styles of sweater that is in fashion this year.

Metallic sweater

Believe it or not, the metallic trend is always present in the current fashion turtleneck and has managed to impose in night clothes, footwear, accessories, outerwear and casual clothing. Metallic sweaters are original and striking, are recommended for girls who want to be trendy this year. To create a casual look with a touch of glamour, I advise that the metallic sweaters combined them with a cute pair of jeans.

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May 14, 2016

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