Pandora Charms: Sparkling Cult Jewelery From Denmark

Some women collect shoes, other it-bags-my own personal addiction is limited to small sparkling pendant, spice up every look in an instant. The question is naturally the iconicPandora Charms which are available in virtually infinite number of different versions. Now Learn all you need to know about the popular, Danish fire and celebrated it-pieces!

Pandora Charms: Kult made in Denmark

Pandora is now represented in more than 9,500 outlets in over ninety countries on six continents. The fire is thus one of the most successful and popular jewelry brands in the world. The cornerstone of this overwhelming success was laid over 30 years ago in Denmark.There founded the goldsmith Per Enevoldsen in 1982 together with his wife Winnie the now internationally known companies.
What small and modest began quickly developed thanks Enevoldsens unique business idea a success.
The ambitious entrepreneur dreamed produce imaginative Echtschmuck affordable. His creations should help every woman about to their own personal style to emphasize individually and noble.
In 2000 Enevoldsens vision eventually took the form of the now legendary charm bracelet-and the recognition of his hitherto primarily known in Denmark brand achieved at a stroke enormous proportions.
The bracelets that could put together every wearer and shape ourselves Pandora brought his international breakthrough. The secret of success: The Charm concept allows every woman to create very personal and absolutely unique wholesale jewelery.
Today Enevoldsens company is one of the most popular brands of the jewelry trade. And although the brand long other it-pieces, such as refined earrings and stylish rings conjures, the iconic Charms form but still the heart of the big Pandora universe!

Pandora Charms: Trailer for Personal Trinkets

Whether Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Olivia Palermo – there is probably no famous it-girl, which has not been spotted with charms. No wonder: The sweet pendant act playful and at the same noble and worth every look on. And more than that: Since you can combine according to your mood, the must-haves, each Charms creation is unique.
The concept is as simple as it is ingenious: Your first selects a no-frills bracelet or a necklace of the Danish cult brand.
The clean Pieces serve as the basis of your jewelry. Then it refines this your Charms with choice.
The choices here are almost endless – your imagination are therefore no limits. I myself have a big soft spot for Animal Charms that I collect with particular zeal.
Incidentally, all the trailers are made of luxury materials such as sterling silver or gold and high-quality fabrics. There are also trailers with colorful enamel elements, as well as versions of beautifully decorated Murano glass.
The designs range from classics like hearts, stars and flowers on animals to absolutely strange designs like dog bowls or piano.
There are also gorgeous colorful beadsmade ​​of precious stones.
A recent highlight is the send Christmas charms, which give wonderful gifts and perfect fit for contemplative season.
If you enjoyed the Charm fever has not yet been packed, then you should definitely the enchanting trinkets now necessarily even closer look.But be careful: The addiction risk is definitely not to be underestimated.