Parrot Extends Family Asteroid with Three New Android [CES 2012]

Do you remember the Asteroid, the radio for cars with Android which launched Parrot? Maybe at CES 2012 the Asteroid family has grown with three new devices, all of them with Android inside, but very different from each other.
The first of them is a hands-free, the second a GPS Navigator, and the third a full team 2DIN, all of them being hands-free kits House, brand but hipervitaminados Android, that is, with music playback features, varied applications, etc. But better that see them one by one:

Parrot Asteroid CK

The youngest of the family is the Asteroid CK, a team of small size intended mainly as a hands-free kit advanced, powered by Android. The basic operations of a kit handsfree are enriched with recognition of voice, varied applications, attending driving, Geolocation, radio internet, line input, SD card reader, three USB connections and commands … and Android applications.
Ready for 3 G data connection, or by tethering via Bluetooth. It has integrated amplifier MOSFET 4 × 45 watts, and the TFT screen of 3.2 inches is not touch.

Parrot Asteroid Nav

The Middle brother is the Asteroid Nav, that anyone could confuse with a GPS Navigator, if sees flowing Android in their guts. His display of 5 inch TFT capacitive type is, the touch first Asteroid series.
As well as the CK, is also a kit handsfree, commands and speech recognition. Also synchronize your address book automatically, and as navigator includes maps for use as GPS application.
The rest of functionality is identical to the one of the CK: Android applications, three connections USB, SD card reader, line input, by tethering via Bluetooth / 3G data connection, and an amplifier MOSFET 4 × 45 watts.

Parrot Asteroid 2DIN

The last of the family is the 2DIN, the evolution of the original Asteroid. It’s a team that, as its name suggests, occupies twice the space of a standard car radio. It is what you need to accommodate the generous capacitive screen of 6.2 inches This complete multimedia system.
In addition to the features that calca Asteroid NAV, including maps for GPS navigation, the 2DIN has an extra USB port, up to four, and inputs and additional outputs. It takes input auxiliary video, and another for connecting a rear camera to facilitate parking. With the video output you can connect a monitor for the rear seats.
The 2DIN in addition brings audio to speakers and subwoofer outputs. Both the Nav and the 2DIN bring a remote control series, bass boost and surround sound.
Prices are not yet known, no precise release dates. I wouldn’t mind having a 2DIN those … shame that my dashboard does not have as much screen space.