Party Shoes (at Good Price) for an Early Christmas

Arrived at these dates always I feel the same (and I guess that many of you also): I don’t know shoe use to which I serve during the holidays (i.e., it is fix) but at the same time can use it the rest of the year. And worst of all: do not want to let me pay them. Today in Jezebel you make a selection from the more Christmas shoes, ‘ reusable ‘ and with a more palatable price. What do you prefer?

And if we speak of good shoes, beautiful and ‘ cheap ‘ (between quotation marks since they sometimes spend), we can not talk about Zara. The paradise for many, Hell for others (for that see things that you like and can not spend) proposes three Special Edition models for these parties. Both are black with Rhinestone accents that give it an air of festivity. But they can then be used with jeans and you give that chic touch with very little. What do you think?
In Bershka find the typical classrooms with maxi heel and Golden details in the toe. The fabric is satin and House perfectly with everything. That Yes, one should not have vertigo get on those shoes is to rise to the heights.
Mango opts for simple sandals that cover all the instep with a small bright bracelet. The only downside? The lack of platform. I think that we have become accustomed to them and without these the foot suffers a lot (while the heel is smaller).
This Christmas one of the most used and appealed combinations will be of the Negro-Dorado. If you’re that prefer to use it in small doses the British firm Topshop presents these sandals with applications in gold. They are cage and the heel is thick, so the comfort is assured.

Adding a touch of color to your style

If what you prefer is to decorate your feet with a daring and eye-catching color you must look in these halls of Stradivarius. Following fashion glitter are presented in a electric blue. With a total black look to give this model the prominence they deserve. What do you think?
With what model you stay?