Pebble Is Updated, Both The Firmware and The Application

No big news in the front, is now available the smartwatch Pebble to version 2.1 update. It is basically in the the small bug fix that you were in the previous version. In relation to the application the only noticeable improvement is greater stability when running it, solving unexpected closures.
Firmware upgrades are: the possibility of Delete notifications from the settings of the smartwatch, greater consistency when it comes to the monitoring of the battery, the Bluetooth connection is now more stable, is solved the error does not show the number to make a call and other general improvements. As we see it is a correction of version 2.0 without important news.
With devices with Android Wear knocking on the door in devices such as the bike 360 and LG G Watch, Pebble has already managed to sell more than 400,000 units around the world and waiting double this figure this year. It remains to be seen how it coexists on the market with new choices in the world of the wearables, where its market share may be affected for good or evil depending on the movements of the company.


  • Version of Android: It varies according to the device
  • Developer: Pebble Technology Corp
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Lifestyle

The official Pebble smart watch app. Works on both the original Pebble and Pebble Steel.
The Pebble smart watch connects to your Android phone and other Android devices using Bluetooth, alerting you to incoming calls, emails, messages and alerts. Customize your Pebble with hundreds of watchapps..