Perfect Eyebrows: Permanent Makeup

Transparent or semi permanent makeup treatments of eyebrows, here’s all the information you need to choose the right one for you.
Many women have to contend with the rush and the daily tasks, and have a face perfectly rigged every day becomes an increasingly difficult feat. The solution might be that of permanent or semi-permanent, ideal to be beautiful at any time and on any occasion. In this space we look more closely at the treatment focused on eyebrows.
The design of the eyebrows is highly sought after by women who, after years of hair removal with tweezers, remained with sparse or uneven eyebrows and want to change their look and making it more tidy and composed?
General information
According to healthknowing, the permanent makeup is a treatment similar to tattoo; is to introduce certain pigments in the skin, more precisely in the first layer of the dermis, in order to improve the appearance of your face to look their best at any time of the day.? The main differences with tattoo regarding application techniques, much less invasive, the depth of deposit of pigments, their different composition and finally the permanence of design for a limited time.
The permanent make up is a technique that is to put color pigments in the top layers of the epidermis allowing correction or enhancement of facial features as if you were using the traditional products for make-up. This technique should not be confused with makeup techniques of tattoos, often invasive and results that last.? Semi permanent makeup is shallow and easy to remove by laser in case the person changes his mind. The colors used for these treatments consist of mineral pigments and being spayed and tested non-toxic and hypoallergenic and colour are biologically loses in intensity to a natural process of exfoliation.
To whom is treatment

  • For people who do sports and wanting a trick water and sweat resistant
  • For people with an anchor or even non-existent eyebrows
  • For people in a hurry in order to reduce the time of makeup
  • To thicken eyebrows and give them a harmonious line
  • For people who want a long lasting makeup
  • To bring out the eye area

Prior to surgery
Before proceeding with the surgery you have to agree with who will treat as a result getting, viewing a proof removable (through a simple traditional makeup), identifying the most suitable choice to you based on the color of the skin, hair and so on. The final appearance will be as harmonious. We recommend that you do not consume alcohol, aspirin, anti coagulants, vitamin E, garlic, herbs and coffee in 5 days prior to treatment.
The intervention
The procedure requires a local or topical anesthesia (to prevent the patient from moving and feeling pain and thus allow the practitioner to work with maximum precision). Treatment times short enough: depending on the area can last from two to three hours and not at all painful.
As tattoos permanent makeup, using needles, needs the same hygiene requirements (Exchange of needles to each patient, sterile environment, etc.). In case of minor inaccuracies you can make corrections passed at least 30 days before the initial operation (land).
After surgery
Normally you can return to work the same day, but it takes 3-7 days to normalize the skin surface and 10-14 days below. You may experience some swelling in the treated area. After the application of permanent makeup cleansing of the treated areas should be carried out carefully and only with recommended creams (with SOAP). It is good to refrain from smoking, makeup, saunas and swimming pools for 10 days.? Cold bandages or Chamomile tea can help the recovery.Do not remove any scabs or risk going to remove pigment.
How long does
Permanent makeup is not eternal: tends to deteriorate in a period ranging from 3 to 6 years, depending on skin type, tone and product used.
The price ranges from 300 to 600 euros depending on the type of intervention.
To non-treatment
Is not suitable for diabetics and those suffering from keloid scars.
The intervention
To run the permanent make up is injected color stitch after stitch, using the tip (more or less) of a dedicated device. The seat allows a more natural result (draw pelletto for mariacharlton). On the area to be treated you put anesthetic ointment to make it less painful. A session of permanent makeup lasts an average of an hour and a half, including the interview for a job typically serve two full hours.
How long does
The duration of permanent make up 3 to 5 years goes by. To influence the duration of permanent makeup also contribute other factors: the cellular metabolism at the immune system, skin thickness, until the production of melanin. The permanent make up stronger you get on Mediterranean complexions, light areas, however, it is likely that the color fade faster.
The price varies from 180.00 to 500.00 Euros depending on the type of intervention.
After treatment
Semi permanent makeup should not replace your daily make up but serve as basis. You will continue to use the usual products which by the way also play a protective skin.
Remodeling must be done after about 30 days from the first time and is generally included in the price. There is no set time for touch-ups later, we recommend that you make them at least once a year.
In principle, this is a very safe treatment, if you have allergies or are undergoing therapy, maybe you’re better off talking to your doctor. Try anyway to select a reliable Center, hygiene is fundamental: instruments must be cleaned so that there is the risk of infection.
Useful information
To ensure optimum results, it is best to consult a micropigmentatore recommended Atec (Association for the Cosmetic Corrective). Here you later on where you can get more information about.