Phones with 9 Numbers

Cell phones of all Brazilian codes will have their numbers changed to 9 digits, with the addition of digit 9 before the initial 4 digits. The goal is to meet the huge demand for 250,000 new mobile numbers that are activated per month.

Phones with 9 Numbers

Why add the 9th digit?

Cell phones have become not just a luxury item, but a necessity. There are already more than 2 numbers per person in Brazil. People and businesses have preferred to buy cell numbers than fixed numbers. Affordable price plans, number portability, affordability (you can receive and make calls from anywhere) are just a few of the reasons that have led to the huge growth in the number of handsets in recent years.

How to add digit 9 in my contacts?

All carriers have made available an application that automatically adds the 9th digit to your calendar numbers . You can also add your carrier code to prevent you from calling other carrier numbers and spend extra credits for that. Other applications, the 9digit, also make the schedule change. For all cases, it is possible to back up the contacts for correction if something goes wrong. Applications are available for all popular mobile operating systems: Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

It may look like a lot of numbers, but it’s a lot less than in many other countries. It is a faster way to approve more numbers for more handsets around Brazil, thus maintaining the rate of expansion of mobile telephony in the country.

Have you already added digit 9 to your calendar numbers? Did you encounter any problems during the transition? Comment and share!