Pixel Press, Draws a Level of a Video Game Role and Play It on Your Smartphone

If any has been fond of video games, you have surely felt with the urge to create some levels for any of their games, loaded only with his imagination. This is the idea that we want to show Pixel Press, an application that allows us to create levels of a video game, but does so in a very different way.
The concept is to create a level of a game with something as simple as paper and pencil, with imagination and encouragement that we have in our heads. We simply have to use a graph paper which you can download from the web page, and following standards complete the level as you want.
The big news is that when complete design, because that’s when Pixel Press does its magic. We must use our smartphone or tablet and take a picture to the template, after which we can begin to play the level that you have created. The levels will be divided into five parts, having to complete all in you soon as possible. Also will have traps and mobile platforms to give a little more of the game action. Once completed we can share with the rest of the users level.
This project is seeking funding through crowdfunding. The rewards range from mere appreciation by a dollar, the game for Android or iOS for about ten dollars, doubling the reward for commenting on its Facebook page, a special version of the game with the actor for $25 Android and various packs for teachers and educators.
The goal they have set is not exactly small, because they are $ 100,000, leaving only 22 days to finish and more than 31,000, which are somewhat tight, but is this kind of creative ideas that is worth the micropatronage system.