Play Indie Papers, Please Come to Android

The independent games scene is very extensive, not only in the amount of games, but in the new themes that not many people could have imagined. It is the case of the game Papers, Please a game made by a single person who puts you in the skin an official at a border checkpoint controlling who enter the country.
However, not everything is as simple, as develops in the cold war, with a very ferrous foreign control, having to comply to strictly established rules. In addition we will be in situations where you have to break the law and play us job in order to help citizens who fear for their lives or make every effort to enter.
It is this so different approach that has given him so much notoriety among the lovers give them indies games, so much that it has managed that project is going to go on Steam pro medium from its platform for the promotion of independent games. However, it will not sit, but that given the possibility that the game comes out on Android.
For the moment There is a definite date to make this game look light in Google Play, because it is striving to bring the game for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you still feel curiosity for this game, there is a demo on the official website of the project to get an idea, waiting to reach the tablets