Please Stay Calm, Interesting MMORPG of Zombies with Geolocation

The amount of zombies games What to test on Google Play is great, but innovation that offer is not high and most remain in the games of action and shooting both seen. Luckily once we have a rather innovative game that, without being the culmination of originality, manages to give a breath of fresh air to those who seek different.
It’s the game Please Stay Calm, can be described as a MMORPG (Massive Miltiplayer Online Role Playing Game), but that has as a differentiating factor which use geolocation to customize the game to the maximum. Because we do not interact with the positions in an invented world, but actual locations will be used to increase the feeling of immersion in the game.
The base game is the same as many social games, with their corresponding energy bars which are recovered over time and which will spend as we undertake actions. The actions are summarized in two: resources & hunt zombies, each for their own purposes. When we want to do an action we will have to choose which point of interest that is close to want to go to perform this action.
When we want collecting supplies We will have a limited time to pass the flashlight by the yellow dots, that will give us supplies and targets, that will give us special objects, while we evade the zombies represented truth points. If we caught nothing will happen to us and we will not lose energy points which we have invested and will be able to try again.
As regards Hunt zombies mechanics is something different to many combat systems we’ve seen. You’ll face enemies one by one, and when it’s your turn your weapons will appear at the bottom in six blocks, having to press the weapon you want to use to attack. As a weapon will go using your State will worsen, having to use money to repair it, although you can also invest resources in making your most powerful weapons.
As in many social games there are clashes against other users looking for your identificiacion code, being my own d6d767a24, allowing more money in Exchange for you play yours. You can also install areas of resources that you can occasionally check to get more money and resources or join a retreat, as that there are for example at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid.
In general terms is a very entertaining game and that fortunately, despite having a system of micropayment in the network of Mobage, the truth is that it is not intrusive and you do not feel the urgent need to purchase credits to advance. The game is free and it is highly recommended to give him a chance and give it a little time, because the game may seem a little confusing at the beginning worse once they mastered the basics is very entertaining.

Please Stay Calm Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Mobage
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Games

Please Stay Calm is the world’s first true location based, massively multiplayer, zombie apocalypse roleplaying game. Are you a survivor?
Ranked #1 the RPG/Adventure Game in US on iOS is now available on Android.
What would you do to survive in a zombie apocalypse?
“Please Stay Calm seems to take the cake.” Its depth, storyline and graphics make it a winner in my book”- Chris Thompson, our site” Please Stay Calm is a fun example of where the genre is today “-Nissa Campbell, our site The year is 2014 and something terrible has been unleashed unto the world. People are getting sick, the government is out of touch and appears unresponsive. It’s up to you to not only survive but to build, lead, and fight your way to the top as you rebuild this world.