Plus Size Outfits: Shirt and Ball Skirt

Plus size pantyhose, dark lipstick, sleeve, ball skirt. All these elements make up the my plus size winter. I love versatile pieces and the black skirt is the type of clothing that you can wear in the summer (as I’ve used here) or in the winter that always looks good. The skirt is of Xica Vain, plus size shirt emblazoned has the face of the cold, even more with these studs and animal print. The shirt is from Besni, I recently discovered that has plus size sizes. I was really well done because I haven’t heard for years from hoticle and all of a sudden I find out that she has until the size 54.

Another thing I recently discovered is that has plus size pantyhose to sell online in the Best Size, on the Deposit of socks Are Jorge and Great, huh? Because my I buy on Shopping Mooca, Lupo but if you don’t live in SP or shops nearby, you can order on the internet. By all accounts, the socks wear up to 120 kg.


I think it’s funny that even calling not for parts that make me look fatter (or thinner), a few tricks make the look more visually nice. For example, in the first picture I took with this outfit shirt collar was closed and it felt like I had no neck. So, to stretch (but not to thin, noticed the difference?!), I left the first open button, which did show up my neck and some on my lap. When I wear this skirt without belt, look like a block, which may be legal according to the proposal’s look, but with that skirt, which has a retro footprint, it’s nice to score well the waist. So are there 2 tricks: open collar and belt!

Good baby, I think the easier is to combine black with prints and the best is that over that suit any coat would be good (in your case town is colder).

And that’s it, spoke more than the old cobra, but if you still want to talk to me come on hoticle xxl store.


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April 5, 2016

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