Polarized or Non-Polarized?

Polarized or non-polarized? Do you know what polarized glasses mean?  That is the question.
Surely when you have gone to buy some sunglasses to optical or through an online store always gave you the option if you want a polarized glasses or unpolarized but …What’s the difference? The polarized is a little more expensive, but the most important is hidden behind its crystals, according to programingplease.

Features: What Polarized Glasses Mean

What polarized crystals do is that they avoid excessive glare and reflections, usually those coming from horizontal surfaces such as roads, water or snow. By neutralizing the reflexes we will not have to force our vision so much and we will see everything with more clarity.
Usually are used polarized to enjoy outdoor activities or to drive since in these cases we are exposed to constant and annoying light reflections. In order to give you an idea of ​​how a glass acts with and without polarization, we leave you some photos where you can appreciate the difference very well.
When buying glasses with this type of glass we have to fix in their rods, put inside the Polarized, or in the lens, will carry a P indicating the type of crystals. The doubt that arises to many is is there any inconvenience the polarized glasses? The main drawback is that the polarized crystals only slow the reflections of horizontal surfaces so if you turn the head about 45 degrees, for example, the lens will lose the polarized effect and we will be unprotected from these glare.
Another of its limitations is that not all models of glasses are polarized, sometimes it is not the model we want, and have a limited graduation.
But in spite of all this and according to experts, if we put the balance the benefits of polarized are greater than those who do not have this type of crystals mainly because we do not punish so much our vision and 100% protect our view of the sun’s rays.
Once you know the differences, have you decided what type of glasses you prefer for your glasses?