Polaroid SC1360 Smart Camera, Instant Love for Android [CES 2012]

Polaroid He was surprised at CES 2012 with its new SC1630 Smart Camera, a camera whose internal engine is Android. On the one hand, its touch screen can make us think that you it’s one Smartphone, but vista on the other hand there is no doubt that it is a compact camera.
The Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera takes a 16 Megapixel CCD sensor, just right for a camera compact and well above what any other Android device offers. In addition, it gives 3 x optical zoom, something that also makes it unique in this ecosystem.
Complete with 18 scene modes, the 3.2 inch touch screen, a lens of 36-108 mm, Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth, face detection, creation of albums, geo-tagging, and has full access to the Android Market, so I guess that we can use the camera with multiple applications designed to take advantage.
It has been integrated applications of Polaroid to edit photographs, with typical operations like trimming, red-eye removal, change size, or color correction. It is not known what internal memory has, but it will support up to 32 GB via microSD card.
The information provided indicated Polaroid that it also records video (without specifications), and that optionally available connection to data network, but it is not clear how.
It will be available during this year. We still need to know some of your specifications, such as the version of Android that uses, or their retail price. A rare bird, proving once again the versatility of this operating system, which is gradually conquering new fields.