Pregnant Fashion

During pregnancy a woman’s body goes through several changes, especially the growing belly and breasts. For this reason, many pregnant women are in doubt in choosing the right outfit, as they may feel uncomfortable in some parts. Check out these tips for dressing well during pregnancy:

The dresses and long skirts are super trendy, it’s tendency for several seasons and tend to follow up. The best part is that these pieces are beautiful in pregnant women. Long dresses are great, they serve both for summer and for winter. Free types are good why not mark the body and still allow the belly grows, without that they no longer serve.

As the breasts will also increase, choose models that support well the cervix, such as curtains. The long skirts are best when used with the waist below the belly, combine with basic tops the skirts, without leaving the belly showing.

The pants and bermudinhas can also be used. They are possible parts to cold and heat. Choose a fabric in the front of my jeans, these models are comfortable and beautiful. Combine with soltinhas shirts, is very nice and comfortable. The bermudinhas are good too and you can still use with tights in the winter, along with riding boots.

As for footwear, pregnant women should seek comfortable options, such as flats sandals, sneakers and leave the high heels only to sporadic occasions.

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November 14, 2017

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