Pretty Ballerinas for Barbie, a Doll Dancers

Pretty Ballerinas loves Barbie and her world. And it had long been thinking of what would be their ideal dancers. So when Mattel told him of the release film Barbie magical dancer could not resist is to create this limited edition with the perfect designs for the occasion.

A design you’ll find little princesses of the House, both for moms that we continue keeping those dolls as a treasure. Under the name Barbie Fuchsia suede and Swarovski crystals It is a gap fine loop dancer designed suede in patone 219 rose that has always distinguished Barbie. A model adorned with dozens of small crystals of Swarovski in the form of stars and contrails of Comet.

The girl version is exactly the same design but designed for the smaller House, so also look to the last. The only difference is the elastic especially created for the princesses of the House Lief lose and will not stumble.