Pretty Ballerinas Shoes

Hands up who has not seen Snow White? For me one of the best cartoons of the history of animation! I happened to see him, among other things, very recently: at home I have two nephews and little ones in my afternoons of “babysitting” brush up to the classic Disney is always a must. Not that I mind, mind you! Even as a child I always loved cartoons in which the main characters were “Disney Princesses”: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast… And the truth you know that Snow White is returning to the cinema with a fighissima (it seems) interpretation of the story of the Brothers Grimm? And that Snow White is, then!


Pretty Ballerinas, brand specialized in ballet shoes (loggerhead, to be honest, but too belline) often creates interesting capsule collection: how to miss the opportunity to create the dancers dedicated to Snow White? Pretty Ballerinas has thus created two dancers shoes through Apple & Mirror Snow White and Marylin Evilqueen Red. The first are my favorite: brown satin ballet shoes with soft application of an apple and a mirror, the symbols of the Snow White story. Whereas the latter are very bad, not even to say, dedicated to the witch: a ballerina in suede with blacks decorations, complete with skulls and gothic inspiration. Which model you like best?