Prom Dress Design Your Own

A talented girl sees his end of year prom dress design and panic users.

Kyemah McEntyre is freshly graduated from a high school located in East Orange, New Jersey (Cicely Tyson) performing arts specialist. The young American has designed her own dress for the ball end of the year. His magnificent creation has quickly made the rounds of the web and the admiration of the people. Create his own year prom dress, it required a great deal of talent and audacity to do!

Kyemah has designed a prom dress sewn by Internetsailors and patterns of African inspiration with a wide skirt and a plunging neckline. For making, it has resorted to a seamstress. The result is simply sublime. The girl has been sacred Queen of the evening. On his Twitter account, you can read at the bottom of his picture: ‘Ca, to have always been called “ugly” or “ugly”.» Thank God, stereotypes are just opinions”.
Based on this success, the young woman can take revenge on all who have denigrated him when she was younger. For his end of year prom, she proudly displayed a beautiful curly Mane that enhanced his grace. On her instagram, Kyemah praised the tolerance and the cultural mix with this message:
«The most creative people are those who take the trouble to get out of their comfort zone and who are interested in the world as there are autour them.» […] The muse of my work, it is to be exposed to all kinds of people and cultures. I am actually passionate about the relationship between art and the world. For the company to have a broader horizon, I think that we must be prepared to recognize and tolerate the differences in other people, whether it’s beliefs, morals or values”
Messages of admiration and support are raining down on social networks. The girl is filled, but that’s not all because she will, next year, a prestigious Design School in New York. This school has formed of big names such as Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan and Tom Ford.