Properties and Uses of Glass Blocks

Applied in several rooms of the house, the product provides various effects.
In architectural design, features such as brightness, thermal comfort and elegance appear at the top of the priority list. The application of glass blocks ensures these benefits without having to spend much. This type of brick is used for finishing various environments and provides, in addition to lockout temperature, good sound insulation.
The translucent glass bricks may also provide up to 80% more brightness as compared to the masonry wall and therefore saves electricity. And when it comes to cleaning, they add more advantage to the list: to clean it, just use a damp cloth both in the block as the grouting. In addition, the product does not need to be painted or sealed and its installation is simple. Learn how to install glass blocks.
Application in rooms
The square, rectangular, ventilated model adds a special touch to room decor and has different applications in the rooms of the house.
Rooms and rooms
Consider build glass brick wall to divide environments. If your house or apartment is small, this can be a good solution because, being transparent, the block transmits the feeling that the room is larger. Even being translucent, the product ensures the privacy of environments.
In the kitchen
One of the main applications of the product in this room is in building branches, mainly for calls kitchenettes. The effect is beautiful and sophisticated. And what do you think of combining adequate ventilation with modernity? Bet on the vented glass blocks, which allow a good air circulation.
In the bathroom
In the box, make a glass block wall next to the shower. If your bathroom is large, abuse of creativity: a good choice is to build a wall to divide the area to brush your teeth and the toilet.