Pros and Cons of Wearing Glasses

They are the first thing you touch just awake. Without them go into panic as a mole in the middle of the desert. Prescription glasses are part of you and always will be.

  1. The choice of the frame is not easy. Decide which model of eyeglasses will be part of your face for many months to come, run out each power supply. And silently mina a little self-esteem.
  2. You have to constantly clean. Every morning, along with the usual preparations you have to scroll through even the brilliance of eyeglass lenses. The movie already saw the puzzled look of your colleagues ahead of possible fingerprints and greasy areas, needs no replica.
  3. When you leave the House wearing acrylic fabrics. In the absence of cotton items on your outfit, don’t do more than those of your colleagues looking for a simple t-shirt in 100% cotton with which polish lenses.
  4. The tic of down-nose. There is no person in the world carrier of eyeglasses that damn nose not an average of 500 times a day, as if they were on a slide of Aquafan. Too bad it’s only a matter related to the physiological state of hydration of the skin combined with the low tenacity of vines of the rods. And that came only the time to go to the optician to tighten. NO TIC!
  5. Everyone thinks you’re a cool chick. Wear your glasses instantly gives that air from Genius, finalist at the Mathematical Olympiad Normale di Pisa, able to understand the mysteries of the world.Fascinating, but it doesn’t.”UM, how much did you say making the total discount to balances for that tartan coat?
  6. Can become a blunt object. Those who have never tried dressing and undressing wearing prescription glasses? In one go you can:
  • break them
  • getting a bad segnaccio on my nose
  • attach a wire mesh with the articulation of the auctions
  • destroy the hairdo
  1. The sudden blindness when taking them off to shower. “Great, I’m still soapy with the conditioner and wash the head with the shower gel
  2. Do sports. Eyeglasses with difficulty moving from football helmet, let alone under the mask from snow.You need to get your contact lenses if you want to get into the pool to get two bowls without spending billions for a couple lorgnettes graduated. Forget about tennis, volleyball and even yoga: work only non slip resistant frames, light anti, anti. So you are already in root.
  3. Accounts up to 10 when someone asks you to prove your setup. “But if you are graduated on my vision, my dear Marcelo, how do you think you can tell whether you donate or not?
  4. Accounts up to 10 when someone manages to get on your frame and then exclaim, “Oh, but you’re blind!
    Good, now give it back, you just do a favor.”
  5. The mist. Yes, that’s her.But this is not the white one and dream of woods that does so much Harry Potter or Lord of the rings. It is the fog that forms invariably on the lenses of eyeglasses as soon as winter comes into a room or a coffee mug to his mouth or ports of herbal tea. Around you just smiles inclusive waiting I spannamento take effect.
  6. Get the compliment with the back thought. Now we’ve done the callus: how are you okay, I didn’t recognize you without glasses! ” when the under text instead reads more like this” with glasses you’re ceases”.
  7. And if the sun comes out ….The four most popular options are:
  8. You don’t give a damn and exit with eyeglasses accepting wrinkles new entry.
  9. You don’t care and wear the latest designer sunglasses while avoiding any activities with focus.
  10. You don’t give a damn and do it outside the monthly budget to buy prescription sunglasses.
  11. You don’t care and you wear contact lenses with sunglasses even if meanwhile is back cloudy.
  12. You tricks the eye. You have only one method, do it at 1 cm away from the mirror, hoping not to be blinded by maintaining an acceptable symmetry of the strokes
  13. Kissing someone wearing glasses. You canKiss passionately letting even the lenses basin cheeks and nose of the well-experienced. Or you can take them off before the highlight with the hope of not appearing too precipitous. But how good it is, soon after, look into each other eyes through a blurry diagonal line?