Pure Silver: Jewelry With Meanings

Has it ever happened to you that you want to have a pendant, ring, bracelet, etc with some kind of meaning? If so, this post is for you.
My post for today is about jewelry inspired by the Mediterranean essence of the island of Ibiza. This type of jewelry contains diverse feelings and feelings; Sunset on a white sandy beach, the kiss of the loved one under the sun, a pleasant conversation with friends, stroll along a beach of crystalline waters or a passionate party night.And who does not like this kind of thing?
Pure silver as described in thembaprograms.com has more than 50 years’ experience and is one of the specialized brands in this type of jewelry. Their designs are based on the light and warmth of Ibiza. The inspiration for this brand has been the island’s colors, lifestyle and architecture. Its pieces are created with pure 999 silver and semi-precious stones of all sizes.
Natura Collection:
Textures on silver are the specialty of this exclusive collection. And best of all, you can wear this jewelry throughout the next year.
There is a very interesting design in this double stone collection, which I found to be different from what we usually see in most other collections.
Asura Collection:
The boho style has been part of us for several seasons, so this collection is what we need in our lives. They have beautiful bracelets of leather, silver and different stones that allude to the colors boho that we have seen in the collections of the great designers.
They also have a perfect triple ring for a boho wedding or the new spring-summer season 2017.
BA Collection:
This is part of the latest collections of the brand and one of the most sophisticated.They have a great variety of designs, like: necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants, etc.
Man Collection:
For men they also have a whole collection dedicated with pieces made of different materials; Onyx, silver, leather, among others. The designs are very masculine and handle all kinds of jewelry.
Crystal Collection:
The beautiful brightness of this collection has taken my heart. The designs and colors of the crystals are soft, making all the pieces of jewelry in this collection perfect for a cocktail party or even carry them in your daily life.
Prices are not very high, ranging from 24 euros to 125 euros making this a benefit for us, buyers.
Serena Collection:
And if yours are the earrings, you have to take a look at this wonderful collection. The colors are perfect for a beach day or a walk through the city. I love!
Even if you’re a true fashionista, you could wear these earrings on a special occasion.How about?
Shell Collection:
It is no wonder that this brand is already advanced with the latest trends, that is why this collection is dedicated to the beautiful pearls that will be trend throughout the year 2017.
My favorites are the rings and the bracelets , because the designs are perfect for the next seasons and for any occasion. The prices of both styles do not exceed 150 euros.
Manjari Collection:
This is a very fun collection because the earrings and rings come with stones of all colors and sizes. And it’s something that strikes me as great, because you can choose what you really like and use every day.
In this collection you can also find very boho rings with unique and exclusive designs.
Colors Of Spices Collection:
This colorful collection has very luxurious materials such as silk, jade and silver. There is nothing better than starting the spring of 2017 with these beautiful pieces of jewelry.
The colors are also perfect to wear on a cloudy autumn evening, so you can choose a mustard-colored coat with earrings, bracelet and ring from this collection.
Mantra collection:
Another simple collection, but with many meanings. As between tastes there are no dislikes, for me is one of the best, has style and simplicity, something that can not be found everywhere.
As always, silver dominates the entire collection with striking designs that makes us want to give us all year long this type of jewelry.
Shiva Collection:
This is part of another mystical collection, your designs make you want to buy everything. My favorite design is this teardrop-shaped ring:
That ring is one of the designs recommended for the winter season 2016-2017 and winter 2017-2018. The great advantage is that you can combine it with your best winter clothes.
Sarani Collection:
Something that catches my attention in this collection is its long earrings, because it is one of the styles seen in the fashion week of New York, London and Milan for spring-summer 2017.
Although we could also take a look at this simple bracelet. A style that many of us like.
Bird Collection:
This collection, besides being made of silver, has feathers in necklaces, chokers and bracelets. The feathers are at the peak of popularity for the remainder of winter and spring-summer 2017, so there’s nothing better than starting the year using these kinds of accessories.
By the way, the chokers are fashionable at the moment, so they have also included feathers to this type of accessory. Without doubt, this choker will be of great help.
Do not forget that silver jewelry can be combined with gold. It’s a bit of a crazy combination, but fashionistas and stylists have long recommended us to wear this type of jewelry combined. If you want to read more about this trend, you can take a look at this post:”Last Tendency to Combine Silver and Gold Jewelry”
– Silver is a metal that, if taken care of well, can last a lifetime. You can use from soft rags to laundry detergent, to be able to do a good cleaning to your silver jewelry.
– Dare! Do not be afraid to use silver and pearls, it is a wonderful combination that will attract everyone’s attention.
– The night is perfect for highlighting jewelry made of silver. And if you want to highlight your jewelry even more, you can wear clothes with bright colors.
– If you have to go to a boho wedding or if you organize a wedding in that style, it is best to always carry silver jewelry with stones in blue tones.
In the Plata Pura facilities located in the jewelery park of Cordoba, they make jewelry with the manufacturing technique called electroforming, allowing to create voluminous pieces with low weight. In his workshop all the pieces are polished and worked in a traditional way by artisan hands.