Qualcomm Announces The New Snapdragon 808 and 810 in 64-Bit… 2015

Any had known you shortly presented so far by Qualcomm this year: a Snapdragon 801 which is actually the same model of does a few months, last lap, and a 805 not entered in the long-awaited 64-bit architecture is receiving so much expectation.
Today get Qualcomm to step, revealing a new batch of processors, this time Yes in 64-bit and with new features, in two versions, Snapdragon 808 and Snapdragon 810, that you represent if a renewal and a step toward another generation of processors.

Snapdragon 808 and Snapdragon 810

It’s two new processors coming on manufacturing process of 20 nanometers, down 28 NMS that we had been seeing, which help reduce energy consumption. Both arrive in configuration ARM big. LITTLE, under the set of instructions ARMv8 in 64-bit design. They also come with improvements in the LTE, which now comes to Cat.6 (300 Mbps of descent) and memory 5.0 eMMC interface.
With regard to the Snapdragon 808, arrives in a configuration of 2-core Cortex-A57 high-performance not yet detailed Max frequency, more other four cores in Cortex-A53 of low consumption.
Includes a 418 Adreno GPU, we assume something less potent than that will incorporate the Snapdragon 805, although 20% more powerful than the Adreno 330 of the Snapdragon 800. It supports decoding H.265, although it is not able to encode it.
The Snapdragon 810 you will arrive in big settings. LITTLE, this time of 8 cores in total, four A57 and other four A53, without details on the maximum operating frequencies. This chipset will see one Adreno 430, with still better graphics than the Adreno 420 of the 805 Snadragon, beating the Adreno 330 environment to 80% in graphics performance.
Another great novelty in this 810 Snapdragon is its support for the new generation of memories LPDDR4, that I have spent years waiting for. This type of RAM drastically reduces the consumption and improves operating speeds to 1,600 Mhz, which will increase the speed of response of the device. The Snapdragon 808 stays with LPDDR3, as usual. The maximum RAM is 4 GB on both models.
The most powerful 810 will support up to two screens 4K at the same time, one of them running at 60 and another at 30 Hz. The 808 is left in the ‘Quad HD’ support of 2560 x 1600, we already see today.
There are also improvements to level in the ISP (Image Signal Processor, which manages the information coming from the camera). Snapdragon 808 stays at 12 bits, but the 810 will be 14 bits, and raising the speed of processing up to the 1.2 Gbps. That is, 20% more than in the 805 Snapdragon which is not yet on the market.
The WiFi modem arrives, of course, with connectivity 802. 11ac in two streams, which will improve the quality of the connections and the transfer speed.

Completing the catalog in 64-bit

With these two new models, Qualcomm already has a complete offer in the 64-bit ranging from the range of ‘entrance’ with its Snapdragon 410 up to this brute power, intermediate models 610 and 615 Snapdragon.
Since the manufacturer has announced as the date foreseen for the first quarter of 2015 landing, we will not see this year models with intermediate processors. Closes both the possibility of seeing the LPDDR4 towards the second half of the year, in addition to giving time to Google with their version in 64 bits of Android for the most powerful lines of phones and tablets.