Ray-Ban Wayfarer: Discovering The Myth

If there is a sunglass that survives in time and that has been able to adapt to everything but keeping its essence is the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses by the way! One of the most sold and imitated sunglasses in the world.
Surely it has happened to you that once you decide to buy them, that you want the Ray-Ban Wayfarer to accompany you in your day to day find several models of Wayfarer that although at first sight they look alike there are small details that make them different ; That’s when you no longer know which one to choose. Wayfarer folding, classic or new wayfarer? Too much trouble! true?….until today. Below we show you the small differences between one spectacle and another.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic

They are the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses of all life. Its frame is square of pasta and have a small inclination forward. True to the brand, it has the signature logo on the frame and sideburns.
They are the most urban sunglasses RayBan so you can find them in multiple colors and prints of the most original. The Wayfarer Classic are a best seller so you can find them in three sizes: 47, 50 and 54.
The havana colors, along with the black, are another of the most demanded. Also you can find them with degraded crystals.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

The NewWayfarer Classic have the same shape as the Original Classic Wayfarer but are a reduced version of the famous model. Its sideburns are shorter and its lines are softer. You can find them in size 52 and 55.
The NewWayfarer are in multitude of colors and your lenses can find them with classic green glass of RayBan, degraded crystal or polarized.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Folding

That the sunglasses are not an obstacle, that the design team had to think about when giving a return to classic Wayfarer sunglasses. They thought to make it easier for those who went out with the fair and chose to fold the Wayfarers of a lifetime. So the Wayfarer Folding are the same as the Classicbut with the peculiarity of folding and can be put into the pocket.

Ray-Ban Special Editions

These are the three types of RayBan Wayfarer that you can find in the market but from these models arise special editions. Thus we find the Wayfarer Distressed , leather , @collection , urban camouflage or bicolor .

Wayfarer Leather

The Wayfarer Leather have the traditional form of the Wayfarer Classic and are characterized by a saddle calf leather, a very orginal coating provide a very touch rocker and punk to our style. You can find them in several colors: black, brown, blue…

Wayfarer Light

Wayfarer Light Ray marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of RayBan and his mythical Wayfarer. Its main feature is the rods. Mix the titanium rods with the traditional Wayfarer front. The hinge is monobloc, without screws or welds.

Wayfarer Fleck

Wayfarer Fleck retains the essence of RayBan but its peculiarity is that they are made with premium acetate and its rods are black shiny which bring a touch of glamor to our look. They also have three-dimensional borders and a touch of the most pleasant.

Wayfarer Denim

Wayfarer Denim Its main feature is that its saddle simulates denim, cowboy fabric. The finish of the glasses is carried out with original rivets and has a hypoallergenic silicone nose pad that makes them comfortable.
This is only a sample of some editions of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, changes the touch or the material but the essence remains the same. Since they were designed more than 70 years ago, many people surrender day after day to this RayBan model. Years pass but not for this signature model.